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Figmania Blog
Blog (should be) updated daily with news, gallery, and reviews around Figma. Remember to visit us everyday ^^

Figmania Facebook Group
Community for Figma fans. Everyone, feel free to join, overseas members also welcomed, just put a Wall post in English and we (mostly) will answer in English too.

Figmania Facebook Page
Page for our group, built to show the galleries and information about Figmania. Chats everyday will be mostly done in Group, while news and galleries will be put on Page.



Do you have news to share? Do you want to show your review for your figma(s)? Or your gallery?

You’re all wellcome to contribute by reviewing you figma(s) and/or sending pictures of your figma-posing creativity to us.

Just send the word to our contact
1. email : figmaniax at yahoo(dot)com
2. facebook : our Facebook Group or Facebook Page.


LINK to us

If you interested in exchange link to us, please email us about you, your website URL, and about your website to figmaniax at yahoo(dot)com.

Don’t worry even if your site/blog not related to figma.