About Us

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The Beginning

Started from two separate forum thread members who talk anything about Figma, Kaskus and Kafegaul, an idea arised to make a community which will combine all Figma fans especially from our country, Indonesia.

The idea which arised from Kaskus Figma community was delivered to Kafegaul Figma community by overlapping members (ones who join both forum) and it get a special attention for both community.



The Birth of FIGMANIA

After some names like Figmanesia, FigmAddicts, Figmaniacs, Kaskus Figma community soon get the name FIGMANIA as the new community’s name. After that, the continuation is having a poll of the icons for logo, which Figma will be delivered as the mascot.

After a while, mascot for logo was chosen, the best three were Figma Miku Hatsune (15 vote), Figma Black Rock Shooter (15 vote) and Figma Drossel (13 vote). And the next part is designing the logo itself.

Meanwhile, this news also delivered to Kafegaul Figma community and asking for people who want to make this idea come true. I myself got the news about FIGMANIA at that time, after the word spread to Kafegaul Figma community and volunteer myself to open the blog, Figmania.



The Exodus

Saturday, February 19th 2011, our friend from Nendoroids community, Nendonesia invite Figma community to an offline gath. We think it’s a great opportunity to make the idea (Figmania) come true, and then some people from Figma fans community from both forum agree to meet at the gath.

That day become a fun day because so many hobbiest from Nendoroids fan and also Figma fans could meet each other and share our day together. After Nendonesia’s gath finished at 5 PM, Figma fans continue until 9 PM and we soon going home with happiness.

Without knowing what will happen the next day…

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Basically, moderator of Kaskus doesn’t support us having the talk of making another community. So, in the midst of chaos, I spread the news about FIGMANIA being open at Figmania@Wordpress and a link to our Facebook Group there.

At that time, the administrators’ structure was not complete, and everything inside Figmania was going awry, even though none of the members know about it inside.



Figmania Today

The day after, Figmania declared to be independent Figma fans community, not built under Kaskus where the idea come out; because Kaskus will only acknowledge us if Figmania declared itself built under Kaskus community.

Several days after, 5 admins agreed to manage Figmania community, which ranged from Figmania blog, Facebook Group, and Facebook Page.


And for closing, here are the Five Admins.

1. divinelight, manage the news about figma and share them on the blog.

2. 13threaper, manage the galleries of figma for the blog and Page.

3. Signum, manage the reviews of figma for the blog.

4. LuCkYG1rL, also manage the reviews of figma for the blog.

5. Hallower, manage the Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

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