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Just kidding this is TheFlyingSuns and today we will be talking about the lovable android from Persona 3 and 4 Arena, Aigis.

Aigis makes her initial appearance from the game and the second anime movie adaptation of Persona 3. Persona 3 also has two other game expansion versions, FES on the ps2 (this is the one I played), and the Portable version for the PSP. I think Persona 3 FES is also available on PSN, at least in North America.

North American art cover.

The setting of Persona 3 is basically that there exists a “Dark Hour” that begins precisely at 12AM of each day. Essentially, the “25th hour.” When this happens, people would usually get locked inside coffins where they stand and they would be unconscious and completely unaware of this strange situation.

However sometimes an unlucky person would still be conscious even during the Dark Hour and they wouldn’t be covered in a coffin like most others. And if such a person can’t fend for themselves they would fall prey to the enemies known as “Shadows.”

Shadows are monsters that appear only during the Dark Hour and these monsters will consume the mind of those that are still conscious and vulnerable. Once the person’s mind is consumed by the Shadows, they will be left with a disease known as “apathy syndrome”, which they basically…. lose their psychological functions.

And this is where the “Persona” users come in. They are those with the special ability to summon “Personas”, sort of a manifestation of the user’s psyche, to fight against the Shadows.

Indeed the human Persona users have to shoot themselves in the head with a gun-like device known as an Evoker to summon their Persona.

And our lovely android Aigis here is an “Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon” manufactured with the ability to summon her own Persona without any use of Evokers.

This is Palladion, one of Aigis’ persona.

This is Athena, Aigis’ other persona.

From what I know, Aigis awakened from a very long sleep or “shut down” shortly before we first meet her in the events of Persona 3.

Upon meeting Aigis for the first time, it is apparent that Aigis lacks the ability of communications and emotions that normal humans have. She acts and talks like a robot at first. But the interesting thing about her is that as the story goes on, she slowly develops human traits and emotions and much of the challenge she faces is to understand and coming to terms with those newly found human emotions.

You will understand eventually, Aigis 🙂

The FES version of the game has an epilogue chapter called “The Answer”, at least according to the North American version, which feature Aigis as the main protagonist. The story of this chapter is set after the events of the main Persona 3 and how she and the rest of the characters deal with the aftermath.

As the image shows, Aigis wears new equipment to make way for more figma releases. *Wink 😉

Of course Aigis also makes an appearance as a playable character in the fighting game Persona 4 Arena.

I wonder how she fits all that guns and cannons of awesomeness in her back?

Aigis also has a combat feature called the “Orgia Mode.”

This is like a berserk mode where Aigis’ offensive abilities gets a boost.

Of course the drawback is that Aigis will eventually overheat from Orgia mode and she will be inactive until she cools down.

So that’s Aigis in a nutshell. Next let’s take a look at her figma releases, shall we?

Figma Aigis from the Persona 3 appearance was released in December of 2010. Number is 049.

Next up is the Heavily Equipped Version featuring Aigis with the armor vest from “The Answer” appearance. Released in July of 2011. Number is EX-008.

This one is the Ultimate version featuring Aigis from Persona 4 Arena. Released February 2013. Number is 161.

Gatling gun FTW baby!

Also the figma release (Number 256) of Yu Narukami, Protagonist of Persona 4, has an additional part for ultimate Aigis figma for her to perform the supplex.

And then there’s the figma Aigis Ultimate Famitsu Original Color. Also released February 2013. Number is SP-047

And that’s Aigis from Persona. Thanks for reading and good hunting!

And here’s a few more pictures ^_^