A new year has come upon us and it is now 2015, and Figmania celebrates it with our new logo.

logo figmania 2015

Orange color represents fun, while blue and red represents our diversity yet still has the same love for figma. We hope that the new logo represents our vision to become a community of figma lover that is a fun place to be home.

I am aware that our blog has become inactive for a while now, with our writers and also me (Divinelight) as writer coordinator fail to preserve our writing spirit; but with this new year we hope that Figmania Blog also will become as active as our dearest Figmania FB Group.

As a reminder, we also have Twitter on @figmania, which we hope to reactivate it again. And of course if our dear reader wish to help me write in this blog everything about figma (figma news, figma review, figma character in-depth, figma galleries, etc) please send your email to us here: figmaniax at yahoo dot com ^^