Last Saturday on 18th of October 2014, FIGMANIA celebrated one milestone for the group, which is having more than 3000 members, in a great event joined by more than 50 partiticipants, from the members and admins. The celebration was held on Lullaby Winds Restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta.

From 11am in the morning the event started, which on 12pm until 3pm we welcomed the participants and we took lunch together. To keep the event more interesting we also had a mini contest of cards, which having these winners

The winners from Cards competiton are:
4th winner: Agassi Gani (left most)
3rd winner: Zaken Salomo (right most)
2nd winner: Stanis (third from left)
1st winner: Frederick Tan (second from left)

And here are the compendiums of the prizes for this events, from Cards competition, Figma Knowledge Quizz Competition, and Lucky Draws. The prizes were also accompanied by figma(s) which participants brought with them.

The event continued with Figma Knowledge Competition, in which three participants will be put together to battle each other. After a long and heated battle we got the winners

Felix Prabowo achieved the third winner with a prize of Calendar from Goodsmile Company

Bobby Eribowo won the second winner with a prize of HGBF Bearguy San from Bandai

And the true winner, with godlike figma knowledge is Arief Ariadi, with a prize of Figma Honda Futayo

The event continued with the main event, which is Lucky Draws

The third prize winner was Kokoh, which already went home at the moment, with a prize of Glasses figma accesories

The lucky boy, Boby Eribowo got the second prize which also second prize for Lucky Draws, Figma Chihaya

And the main contender, Yuna Raginda got the first prize winner, which is Figma Hatsune Miku Spring

Congratulations for all the winners!

The event concluded with Potong Tumpeng. Thank you for everyone participated and also Lullaby Winds Restaurant for letting us invade the whole place 😀

Thank you for all admins and event committee so that the event finally held succesfully

And of course thank you for everyone who become dear readers of Figmania Blog and Figmania members. We hope to make more interesting events like this in the future, so please feel free to give us constructive comments and suggestions to our email : figmaniax at yahoo dot com

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