Last Sunday, the announcement of Figmania Photocon 2014 Winners was celebrated as monthly gathering at Lullaby Winds Restaurant, and here are the event report.

After waiting for about an hour or so, finally more people come to the venue and after brief personal introductions we walked upstairs to the room Lullaby Winds had prepared for us (special thanks for the room ^^)

This nice place and also very convenient (there is full AC here so it’s comfortable) and also the room is bright. At the table front you could see some figma lined up, let’s see.

Yes, these are the prizes for Figmania Photocon 2014 Winners. Aside Figma Saber Bride and Figma Miku 2.0, we also prepared some merchandises for the 3rd to 5th Winners and of course also for the Winner of Most Favourite Category.

So, first of all after small opening speech from me as one of promotor and Puji from Lullaby Winds as sponsor, we started the gathering with official introduction for all the people who gathered.

Starting from name, how long since joining Figmania, and stories how fun it was to collect Figma and of course other lines of hobbies we able to get more knowledge of each others. So, for next gatherings, of course we endorse other members to come to so we could have fun together.

Then we start the Figmania Photocon 2014 Winners Announcement event which of course projected to the wall so all people could see, but well the photo is not there so at least this is one of the slide of the announcement :p

And then comes the time we gave the prize, so the winners who couldn’t come are represented.

Erwing Gerung (right), the 4th Winner was the only Winners who could come to the venue, congratulations!

And me representing 2nd Winner to get Figma Miku 2.0 from Puji, representative of Lullaby Winds Indonesia

Last but not least, Figma Saber Bride also given (as representation) to the 1st Winner

Congratulations for the Winners once again!

Aside the prizes, Lullaby Winds also gave us this cake to commemorate the event, which we ate together

Watch as Fate tried to slice the cake for all who were in the room

After the announcement, we watched movie together which we had put a voting previously, Madoka Magi Movie 2, and then afterwards we took the stairs down to 1st floor to eat at Lullaby Winds Restaurant, and not forgetting getting some loots from 2nd floor, which is Lullaby Winds Store, which selling hobbies items from Figma to PVC and even foods from Japan like Green Tea Kitkat.

And there it is the report from May 2014 Figmania Gathering (Jakarta), hope we will see more people on upcoming gatherings too.