Time for the wrap. Here we go when you click this post away. Click the photo to get the bigger resolution.

Total Participants are 41 Photographers sending up their photos this time.

The first one, is for Most Favourite Category.

Most Favourite Photo comes for…

“My Home, My Earth” By Yudi Putra, who gets 47 Likes

And the runner up for Most Favourite Photo comes for…

“Sweet Moments” By Willys Vandestio, who gets 45 Likes

Next, we would announce the main winners!!

The Total score contains the scoring of [Photo Quality], [Artistics], [Originality], and [Theme Relationship] and will be judged by 13 (thirteen) Figmania Admins, and Guest Judges which are:
1. Our Sponsor and the one who provides the prizes, Lullaby Winds Representative of Japan, Christine
2. Our Sponsor and the one who help us bridging us and Lullaby Winds of Japan, who is Lullaby Winds Representative of Indonesia, Puji
3. And of course, the one who made the whole matter is possible, the one who create FIGMA itself, MAX Watanabe-san!!!

Total score max is 720 points

The Fifth (5th) Best Photo comes for…

“I Need You” By Willi Hardi, who gets Total Score of 602.7 Points

“The placement and the scene is so good yet somehow the background is so crowded making kinda hard to catch the description of the scene”
“Whoa, we got another superb shot here, really love the background. Though I’m wondering, is DM supposed to be falling and BRS’s trying to catch her? You could positioned DM better to convince us that she is indeed falling down. But other than that, and BRS’s face slightly out of focus, this is once again a very great shot.
“Like it! A bit cliché (another BRS – DM), but great execution!! Great job! :THUMBS:”

The 5th Winner will get a Parcell of prizes which will be delivered.

Next, the Fourth (4th) Best Photo comes for…

“Friendship” By Erwin Gerung, who gets Total Score of 606.6 Points

“While this might be not too original, but the scene it makes up is so radiating with friendship”
“Love the concept, but I think it’s better if you zoomed the holding hands part closer as well as focus more to their head/face. And you should position they closer because at it is now, they are more like holding pinkies, unless of course that is what you’re aiming in the first place.”
“This is a really nice picture, it has all the qualities, it has a nice feeling into it and love how you manage to blur their faces while still capturing their emotion, good job!”

The 4th Winner will also get a Parcell of prizes which had handed down in the announcement gathering on May 17th 2014 held on Lullaby Winds Restaurant

Next, the Third (3th) Winner gets to…

“My Home, My Earth” By Yudi Putra Kohar, who gets Total Score of 613.3 Points

“The color, the scene, the aesthetics, the focus, and how the photo radiates the nature is the best”
“*gotta focus and stop staring at Amy’s legs*… Okay, now I have regained my focus, too bad this rather beautiful picture is too grainy. And if it were me, I would positioned her pet on her shoulder, so it looks like they are both staring at the sky together.”
“Good choices of the faceplate. The picture looks naturally beautiful.”

The 3rd Winner will also get a Parcell of prizes which will be delivered.

And now, we finally gets the Second (Runner-up) Winner of Figmania Photocon 2014 which comes to…

“Wherever You Are We Always by Your Side” By Erwin Suryadi, who gets Total Score of 613.5 Points, a very tight competition with the third winner

“Great shot and awesome diorama you have there. My input would be, again, zoomed in to the trio just a little bit closer. And looking at all Yui x Azusa on the photo miniatures there, it would be better if you don’t use Mio at all. Her “too real” crying expression actually make the pics a little bit more depressed (at first I thought Yui died!) even though overall picture is very colorful and Yui expression is really comical.”
“I like how he put efforts on the diorama.”
“The diorama is really great, the lighting is a little bit too bright though, and the quality is great, good job.”

The Runner-up will be given the prize of Figma Hatsune Miku 2.0 and will be delivered

Finally, The True Winner of Figmania Photocon 2014 comes for…

“If We Could Meet by The Sea” By Marco Kanter, who gets Total Score 642 Points

“really appreciate the effort to get the shot, nicely done”
“Wow, you actually had your Ika-chan dirty, hat off to you. Again though, slightly closer angle wouldn’t hurt, as well as pay attention to joint works since Ika’s shoulder looks weird as it is now.”
“If it is up to me then this photo is the winner! And I don’t even like Ika that much! Great story, interacting with real animals, the dirt on ika’s clothes makes this photo really really unigue! 🙂 Love it love it love it! Max points from me! :)”

The Winner of Figmania Photocon 2014 will have Figma Saber Bride Limited ver. as the prize and to be delivered

Thank you for all the participations, and here are the rest of Top Ten

The 6th Place is “Sweet Moments” By Willys Vandestio, with Total Score of 602 Points

The 7th Place is “Spring is mine” By Vicky Augustina, with Total Score of 598.9 Points

The 8th Place is “Graduation isn’t the End” By Yanuer Montio, with Total Score of 590 Points

The 9th Place is “Save Our World” By Prima Gehard, with Total Score of 584.4 Points

The 10th Place is “Let’s Climb Another Tree” By Hendruw, with Total Score of 584.4 Points

And here are the rest of Top Twenty Five, because there is no score from Guest Judges, the Total Score Max is 576 Points

The 11th Place is “True Friends!” By Irwin Sutaman, with Total Score of 395 Points

The 12th Place is “Sweet and Bitter Love” By Wijaya Budiman, with Total Score of 393.8 Points

The 13th Place is “Barefoot” By M. Agha Abi., with Total Score of 393.7 Points, a very tough competition with 12th

The 14th Place is “Becoming One with Nature” By Purwanto, with Total Score of 391.5 Points

The 15th Place is “Happy Together” By Ivan Davy, with Total Score of 388.3 Points

The 16th Place is “Over the Fences” By Widyo Adi., with Total Score of 387.7 Points

The 17th Place is “Daydreaming with Furry Friends” By Jeconiah, with Total Score of 387.6 Points, another tight competition

The 18th Place is “Hanako” By Andreas Reyan, with Total Score of 381.3 Points

The 19th Place is “Adventure” By Cornelia Nikita, with Total Score of 381.2 Points, 0.1 different from the former

The 20th Place is “Drossel coming to the Earth” By Frederick Tan, with Total Score of 379.2 Points

The 21th Place is “You are not alone” By Ghozi Izzuddin, with Total Score of 374.8 Points

The 22th Place is “Walk With Me” By Edwin Setya, with Total Score of 372.5 Points

The 23th Place is “Side by Side” By Sugiarto Ali, with Total Score of 365.4 Points

The 24th Place is “The Real Friends” By M. Rijal Fauzi, with Total Score of 364.3 Points

The 25th Place is “Symphonies of Song Trees” By Desto A Yudi, with Total Score of 362.1 Points

And so, the rest of competitions are listed not in particular order

“On A Tree” By Ichwan Olii

“Mikasa in The Forest of Giant Trees” By Theodorus

“Earth Song” By Ang Tjie Fui

“Life with Nature, GO GREEN!!” By Yohanes Tri

“Save Earth Save Universe” By Robyy Ardan

“Looking for these?” By Bagus Surya

“Beach Volley Competition” By Ivan Atmajaya

“Nutella & GON!” By Kristoferus

“All hail the King” By Marvin

“A Fate of a corn” By Kevin Runtupalit

“Morning Energy” By Alfian Alf

“My Secret Virtual Friend” By Felix Cornelius

“Okabe’s New Operation: Operation Fenrir” By M. Zarfhan

“On My Way to School” By Mahendra

“Friends Through Space and Time” By Marcelino

“Snow-chan Smilee” By Stephen Adiguna

And so, thank you for all the contestants and we will see you again in next event of Figmania.

All comments, critics, and suggestions are welcomed to make a GREATER and more FUN events to come at figmaniax at yahoo dot com