So, here we go again, Figmania Photocon has returned once again, sponsored by our partner Lullaby Winds

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1. Figmania Photocon 2014 is open for all members of Figmania. To register as a member of Figmania, please join us at our Facebook Group.
2. Figmania is firstly based in Indonesia, yet we welcome overseas members, and so by this extension we accept the participant from overseas.
3. The prize, which will be described below is only for the winners which reside in Indonesia because of some things to consider. So, all members may win the contest regardless the place, but the prize will be given to winners (or next winners) in Indonesia.
4. Among all participants, Top 10 which have most scores (by judges) will be able to be vote in our Facebook Group to have a winner in Most Voted category.
5. The prizes are as followed:
– The Winner : Figma Saber Bride
– Runner Up 1st : Figma Hatsune Miku 2.0
– Runner Up 2nd : Voucher from Lullaby Winds Anime Restaurant
– Most Voted : Figma dl:Stage Clear
6. Submission time frame is: March 15th 2014 to April 15th 2014.
7. All participants will be scored by judges (Admins and guest judges from overseas and national), so Admins will not take part.

How to register:
1. The event is free
2. Send an email to figmaniax at yahoo (dot) com with specification:
Subject: FIGMANIA Photocon 2014 Submission
– Facebook Username: …
– Real Name: …
– City: …
– Country: …
– Theme: …
– Photo Title: …
– Photo Description: … (minimal of 20 words)
3. The theme this time is divided in three category, and choose one
A) Go Green (TM): Blend with Nature, feel the Nature, and show how figma is one with Nature.
B) Food-related: Show how delicious of Food Photography and Toy Photography blends, and how Figma express greatness of cafe to restaurant and their extends.
C) Friendship: To be together is a grace, but to find a true friend is miracle, show how great the friendship is
4. Attach your photo, bigger size is better but at least don’t give us more than 5MB (except you really need it). All your gear from Handphone, Digicamera, or DSLR is eligible to use.
5. In case before the time frame is up you wish to send the different photo, you may send email again with
Subject : FIGMANIA Photocon 2014 RE-Submission, resubmitting is only once. So, please check and re-check before submitting.
6. Photo must use Figma as main focus, accessories from others are okay to use, but do not use other figures beside Figma on the photo.
7. The photo must not use any editing software, except brightness setting.
8. Maximum photo to attach is one photo, so give your best shot.

Scoring will be divided in 4 parts: Photo Quality, Artistics, Originality, and Creativity.

Additional Notes:
1. All photo in this photocon will be posted in Gallery on Facebook Group and will be embed a logo of Figmania Photocon 2014 sponsored by Lullaby Winds by admins.
2. Lullaby Winds will be eligible to use the photo of the winners (but rights of the photo will not be revoked) for their interest.
3. Voting time is (tentatively) on May 1st 2014 to May 15th 2014 and the Winner will be announced in Figmania Gathering on Lullaby Winds Anime Restaurant on May 17th or 18th 2014. All Jakarta members who participate is encouraged to come in this gathering, non-Jakarta can be represent but participant from Jakarta of course to be expected to come because we will need Winners photo of course.
4. To add the element of surpise, we advise you to submit a photo that is brand new which hasn’t been posted anywhere else.

Others detail may be asked here, or in Facebook Group, or at our email at figmaniax at yahoo (dot) com.

So, make your masterpiece and enter the contest now! ^^