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Hi everyone!

Long time no see. I am back with some news on Figmania recap. We’ve got some new Figma announcement this month and some pictures for under-developed Figma. Please Check it out! 😀

1. Figma Nagisa Momoe is Out and Can be Pre-ordered Now!

From popular anime, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story”, here come the main key character Momoe Nagisa.


Isn’t she cute? Well, like her name mo-“moe” (moe means cute and pretty at the same time), this Figma is really moe. I can’t resist the overflowing cuteness from her and also the loli strike from deep of her eyes. This figma is too stunning.

You can buy this figma at this link with 4800 yen.

I’ll give you some pictures of her from GSC page.


2. Figma Thor is Out!

This is the first Avengers that made as a Figma, Chris Hemsworths, umm i means Thor!


This is the second most expensive Figma without bundle that GSC ever released. Only Iron Man can beat Thor as the most expensive Figma that ever released without any bundle. I have to admit that Thor’s Figma is really cool. The face sculpt is really Chris Hemsworth like and feel alive. Can’t expect more for a 1/12 figure.

Figma Thor is sold at 6800 yen.

3. Figma Hazuki Mizuhara is Out!

From 3DS game Toushin Toushi, comes the main heroine Hazuki Mizuhara.

At a glance, this Figma body sculpt is like Asuna with bigger boobs. She has a uniqe joint at her hair and her manteau. She still use the old Figma joint at her hands. Luckily, she is not made limited and not bundled with anything.

You can pre-ordered her in this link. She is sold at 4000 yen, cheaper than Momoe Nagisa.

4. Some Pictures About Under-Developed Figma From Magazine Scan

We’ve got some photos from Magazine scan. The first one is Akagi from the famous Kantai Collection Game.

Then, it is the next two Avengers: Iron Man and Captain America.

There is still no information of those Figma release date. Only teaser.

See you again on next articles!