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“Reijingu ha-to, onegai!”
-Raising Heart, please!-

This enchantment is Nanoha’s favorite when she started fighting and released her weapon from its Standby Mode to Device Mode.

Takamachi Nanoha is the actual main character of the anime “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha” despite her popularity mostly below her partner, Fate Testarossa. I feel bad for Nanoha, but Fate is just too cool.

Nanoha is a cute character and lively and I also like Nanoha very much. Maybe many of you also feel her battle outfit is not too awesome, but her Raising Heart is one bloody cool weapon. Personally, I like Raising Heart better than Fate’s Bardiche.

Okay, let’s move on to the main content, shall we? Figma has released 5 figmas of Nanoha so far. I will only cover 3 of them as they are quite similar to one another. The other two are Nanoha adult version (appeared in Nanoha StrikerS) and the school uniform version and they won’t be featured here.

Anyway, Fate and Nanoha are considered to be one of the characters that have many figma variations. The three figma(s) that will be compared in this article are listed below.

  • Figma 53 Takamachi Nanoha The Movie 1st Version
  • Figma 159 Takamachi Nanoha Sacred Mode Version
  • Figma 185 Takamachi Nanoha Excelion Mode Version

Above picture is how they look standing side by side. Look similar, don’t you think? They actually have quite differences if you look at them closely, which is why I am here writing this article for you!

Let’s start one by one!

Takamachi Nanoha The Movie 1st Version

This is the original Nanoha. The figma was based on the 1st movie, not quite original from the 1st anime TV season. But there was no significant change from the anime to the movie.

Takamachi Nanoha Sacred Mode

In the 2nd season (A’s) and 2nd Movie, Nanoha’s weapon was upgraded to Raising Heart Excelion/Exelion (there have been many conflicts of how it spells, but the katakana is the same though, lol). Fate’s figma version is based on her weapon form, but Sacred Mode is actually the mode of Nanoha’s barrier jacket, not Raising Heart.

Takamachi Nanoha Excelion Mode

The name is quite misleading. Actually, the version before (Sacred) is already using Raising Heart Excelion. But for the Sacred Mode, Raising Heart Excelion is only at its normal form. This Excelion Mode figma provides Nanoha and Raising Heart in their forms when Nanoha activates the Excelion Mode to use her omega special skill, Starlight Breaker (with all the cool wing effects).


Above image is the comparison of her outfit, The Movie 1st version, Sacred Mode, and Excelion mode, from left to right respectively.

Her new barrier jacket, Sacred Mode (middle), has a new bigger badge on Nanoha’s chest, and slightly thicker blue line decorations on the outfit, and an additional blue line on the area around the chest badge.

The Excelion mode is basically the same as Sacred Mode, but with a black wrist area and a change of blue line motive.

The skirts of Excelion Mode is different from the other predecessors. It has one separate piece in the front part so the legs can be moved more freely.

Nanoha has wings on her shoes. And these will always be the figma parts that I hate. Threy are very fragile, and I am too afraid they will break up if for some reason the figma(s) fall from their stands (let’s say an earthquake, it occurs often here in Japan).

In fact, I’ve broken the wings of my Nanoha adult version. So I tend not to put them when posing all my Nanoha(s). Anyway, the wings of Excelion Mode are made separated. There are two wings on each of Nanoha’s shoe, the big one and the small one.

The Movie 1st version and Sacred Mode still had them combined. The big wings are separated from the small wings in Excelion Mode, which is a VERY GOOD idea because their resistance to impact is increased. If the wings fall, they will just be separated fast before they hit the ground, preventing them from being broken.

Other that those, there is no change in joints and stands.

Raising Heart Line-up

Above is the Device Mode of Raising Heart and Raising Heart Excelion (provided in Sacred Mode). I am afraid to say that there is almost no significant change.

But wow! The Shooting Mode is quite different from each other. The left-most one is Raising Heart’s Shooting Mode (The Movie 1st ver). the middle one is Raising Heart Excelion’s Axel Mode (Sacred Mode).

Axel Mode is the improved version of Shooting Mode of the upgraded Raising Heart to Raising Heart Excelion. And the right-most one with two heads is the Raising Heart Excelion’s Excelion Mode.

As I said before, The middle and right ones are the same weapon alright, Raising Heart Excelion. But when Nanoha activates the Excelion Mode, Raising Heart Excelion changes form to the third weapon head from the left.

Then, when Nanoha initiates Starlight Breaker, Raising Heart Excelion will release some wings and the weapon head is the right-most weapon head.

Additional Gallery

Take a look at some poses!

I think that’s all for this time! See you later in another occasion! Bye!