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Hi everyone!

Looking for Figma release in March 2014? Here are the lineup for Figma release in March 2014.


If you look closely, there is a difference between some picture boxes to the other. Yes, the smaller boxes are the delayed Figma(s), meanwhile the bigger one are the “on-date” Figma(s).

1. Figma Strength: TV Animation

Please, no more delay GSC. And don’t forget to release the last Figma of BRS lineup, the Chariot, after this.


This Figma has been delayed few times without any reason why it’s been delayed. Let’s hope that this time GSC will release Strength: TV Animation on time on March 2014.

You can see the Figma information HERE.

2. Figma Indiana Jones

2014 first real human Figma will be released on March 2014 as Harrison Ford, eh, i mean Dr. Henry Jones.


GSC pick the Indiana Jones image from its last film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, who is more matured and older than the usual Indiana Jones image. He is equipped with his trademark revolver gun and whip, this figma is also packed with 3 different relic from his movies.

I think this kind of Figma (real human) is a good start for GSC. I think i can’t resist if sometime in the future GSC release a Star Wars series Figma(s). Imagine Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as Figma? Trully badass. GSC already released some Disney Nendoroid, let’s hope they will release Star Wars Figma in the future. 😀

You can see this Figma information HERE.

3. Figma Futayo Honda

Another delayed figma is scheduled to be released this month, Figma Futayo Honda from anime “Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere”.


Look at that spear, it is so long. It can be the longest weapon that figma that ever produced and will take a lot of space in your display cabinet. Haha.. 😀

You can see this Figma information HERE.

4. Figma Akane Isshiki: Pallete Suit Ver.

Another delayed Figma from anime “Vividred Operation”, Akane Isshiki in her Palette Suit.


It seems that this Figma still use late Figma joint system, not the new one like Miku 2.0 and Mikasa have.

You can see the Figma information HERE.

5. Figma Hatsune Miku: Sailor Uniform

Everybody love Miku and so does GSC. This is another version of Vocaloid most popular visualization, Hatsune Miku, in her Sailor School Uniform.


This is the first time you can see Miku crying happily while receiving her graduation certificate and Miku in her “megane” form!!! OMG, Miku with glasses???

Unfortunately, this Figma will not be sold normally. This is a grand prize for Japanese retail shop lottery.

You can see the Figma information HERE.