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Hi Everyone!

Here come some news about Figma for the past few weeks. We’ve got 5 news for you to enjoy. 🙂


1. Figma Akane Isshiki: Pallete Suit Ver. is delayed again


Another bad news from GSC. Figma Akane Isshiki: Pallete suit ver release date is delayed again to March 2014. There is no official news from GSC, but if you look closely to this release date page, Akane Isshiki release date already moved to March 2014 and not February 2014 like what we saw last month.


If you pay attention closely, delayed Figma picture box are smaller than “predicted on-time” Figma.

2. New Figma Introduced, Figma SP-050 Hatsune Miku: Sailor Uniform Ver.

Yes, another Figma Miku is going to be released as a lottery gift from FamilyMart Convenience Store and TSUTAYA bookstore in Japan. This Figma will be an extremely limited unit I think, because you have to win the lottery to get this Figma. Here are some photos from GSC website.


But wait, did i’ve just saw Miku with glasses and Miku crying???

3. Figma Archetype_next: She has been introduced

pic 3

Yes, the waiting will be over (I hope). Figma archetype: she has been introduced in this link. One of Figmania member (Daniel Haryanto) show us one possibility to use this archetype.


And here is the unboxing photos from 2ch.


4. New info for Figma Nagisa Momoe, Iron Man Mk.7, and Hazuki Toushin

pic 6

Our Figmania member (Hendra pq) manage to get new info about those 3 Figma(s) as you can see on scanned picture above. Nagisa Momoe is a new character from new Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie, meanwhile Hazuki Toushin is the main character of game Toushin Toushi 2. Figma Ironman mark 7 will have Robert Stark face inside its helmet. We still don’t know if this version will be applied on all Ironman Figma or will be separated in other version of Figma as an optional part.

5. Figmania is already 3 years old!


I take that picture from Ezio Auditore (Figmania Member). Thanks Ezio!

Yes, Figmania is already 3 years old. If this age is compared with human age, we still toddlers now. We are already able to run and talk, but still learning a lot to run faster and talk better. Here is the recap of our journey from birth till today. Still a long way to go ahead, but together we will make it! 😀

Figmania celebrate its birthday by making gathering in Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia first and second biggest city, the Figmania place of birth. We will report those gathering later. 🙂

Happy birthday Figmania!

Last but not least, here is some magnificent picture from Anki Fahraj. Such a great photo!

pic end