At February 19th 2014, FIGMANIA had made through its third anniversary, with so many had happened throughout the years.

2011: The BeginningAbout Us

Long story short (detail version can be read on About Us), FIGMANIA was born from figma lovers who took part on our neighbor, Nendonesia‘s gathering and open to public eyes the day afterward by becoming Facebook Group.

The birth of Figmania is also the day Figmania Blog, Figmania Group, Figmania Page, and Figmania Twitter (@figmania) created on the same day.

2011: Photo Contest Winners

FIGMANIA started at non-profit community, so basically cash for events is a big problem for us. And yet in 2011 we were able to get some figma donations for having a photo contest event.

This photocon of 2011 had 49 participants and many guest judges were coming from various blog writers of figures community blogsphere.

Hint! There might be another photocon later this year ^^

2012: We Exist, in Real Life

June 2012 was the first time we tried to exist in not only online community, but also exist as group in offline community which coming as Community Display on Toys Fair and other anime events.

The first one was Toys Invasion, here is the group photo gallery. As this was our first time, we cannot get Community place and have to rely on donation to set the place.

BOTT was the next event, we become aware of Community Display and able to register participants as Community afterwards. Here is the gallery

AFAID 2012, the first time AFAID coming to Indonesia, and we were proud to be able to have a place there. That also a very much thanks because of our dear members willing to donate the participation fee for AFAID 2012. The gallery is found here

The blog coverage is in this post.

Toyz Mania event, here is the group photo gallery.

The blog coverage is in this post

2013: We Stand, trying to keep existing

After AFAID 2012, FIGMANIA is known by many people in the world as international figma community. Even GSC as the maker of figma aware of our existence and we tried to have some kind of cooperation with each others.

Figmania is coming to radio, yeah I know it’s 2012 but I think this is better to show here :p

The blog coverage is here

Our friend, Jurnal Otaku Indonesia also have an interview with us.

The blog coverage is here

AFAID 2013 is the biggest event we took part in 2013, also with the donations of our dear members but this time we tried to have a reward system so that the donator will get something as commemoration for having part in the process.

The blog coverage is in this post.

2013: Official Sponsor, for a better tomorrow

Originally, we started as non-profit community. As the community grows, we relied much on donations from (mostly) admins and also members for bigger events.

However, to deliver a bigger, better FIGMANIA we found a partner, Lullaby Winds which had a similar passion in figures as common interest and so Lullaby Winds agreed to have a cooperation with us so that we will be able to deliver more events and interesting things to come.

Lullaby Winds also made an anime-based cafe and figures shop. The cafe is still growing at this time, so with every critics and support will make an improvements to come, you can also buy many figures and anime merchandise with reasonable price here.

For FIGMANIA, the cafe acts as our basecamp so that we don’t have to find or book a place elsewhere (which always be a hassle for gathering) so that gathering is much simpler now and afterwards.

2014: Our First Birthday Party :]

At the third anniversary, we tried to be different this year with having a birthday party on Lullaby Winds Anime Cafe. The gallery can be found here.

The future

In the future, whatever will bring to FIGMANIA, we try our best to make it better, more fun as a group and as a second family for you. So, our dear readers and members, it is a very welcome to give critics and opinions for better FIGMANIA at our email: figmaniax at yahoo . com.

For our next events, we had:
1. Surabaya FIGMANIA Gatherings at this Saturday at noon in Grand City Food Court.
2. Jakarta Toys Fair on March 15-16 2014, the blog announcement will follow, we will come as Community Display.
3. Hint! An event which made on 2011 will be resurrected : ]