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This is an event recap about Surabaya Toys and Anime Fair (STAF) 2014 that held from 6th to 9th February 2014 in Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. STAF is the biggest toys and anime event in second largest economic powerhorse city (similar to Osaka in japan) in Indonesia (The first one is Indonesia capital, Jakarta). This year is the first year for STAF, so it still small compare to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID).


Last Saturday (8/2) I decided to see STAF 2014 at Galaxy Mall, Surabaya. This is first time for Surabaya to hold such event in that size. So, I was really curious back then and wanted to feel the event by myself. Not so long after I reached the northern side of the mall, I saw crowd gather on the ground floor.


I thought it was a different event from STAF, so I ignored the crowd and tried to walk to the 6th floor where the STAF really held. But then, I realised that are some cosplayers standing on the escalator and going down to the ground floor.


It must be something on the ground floor and my first assumption must be wrong. Then I decided to go to the ground floor. I was wrong, the crowd on the ground floor was filled with so many cosplayers and there was an event going on, Animax Cosplay Competition Indonesia. The event itself it’s a part of STAF big event.


It was really crowded and filled with lots of cosplayers. I will show you some of the cosplayers on the photos below. πŸ˜€


Well, these are just some of the cosplayers that were there. Then, I went upstair to the 6th floor where the STAF held. Near the ticket booth, there was some paintings exibition about anime and tokusatsu characters.


Also near the ticket booth, there was some cosplayers resting after participate in the cosplay event downstairs (maybe).


After I paid IDR 20.000 (around USD 2), I headed to the front door of the ballroom where STAF held. There was some securities checking our ticket and gave us some stamp on the hand.


When you went inside the ballroom, you will be greeted by the collection of so many figures like what you can see on the photos below.

Because it was really crowded, it was really hard to get a clean shot of those collection.

Near the collection exibition, there was a Lego stand and a Lego diorama.


Then, it was toys and toys everywhere.. Hahahaha.. πŸ˜€


There was also a stand that sold so many Figma. Dead Master Ova, Drossel, Suzaku, and Lelouch were sold here in a “good price”.


But too bad, the other stand didn’t sell lots of Figma. They just sold few Figma and most of them is a new Figma. Really hard to find old Figma.

There was also Hotwheels community there.


And Vanguard mini competition.


And PS4 Injustice mini competition.


Real scale Iron Man costum.

iron man

Last but not least, Indonesian Toys communities such as SHFIndonesia, SIC Indonesia, Komunitas Street Fighter, Arek Gundam Surabaya, and many more. Too bad that Figmania and Nendonesia did not participate.

SHFindoSIC indo

That’s all folks for the event recap, see you soon on the STAF 2015 or any other toys and anime event in Indonesia. STAF was really fun, I hope that next year it’s getting bigger, merrier, and more fun. πŸ˜€

“Salam Figmania Indonesia!”