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So, it’s this time again, beware of so many [poison] to come destroying your wallet in near future :[

Comes from Wonder Fstival 2014, here are the figma that *will* be released sometime in the future (I hope it’s near future but who knows when)

roundup from many place, especially Tomopop and twicat

First, of course this is the place the star of the show, Figma Hatsune Miku Snow

Adorable, right? And then, let’s begin the journey for figma to be announced:

What year is this? Oh yeah 2014 is the year of horse, so figures :]

Who said figma can’t be children? So, here comes Meitantei Conan.

Can’t get enough for Hatsune Miku, right? Here comes School Uniform version and Miku Racing 2014 (this time with the motorcycle!)

Surely already know the absurd yet so cool Kill la Kill this season? Here comes Ryuko and Satsuki.

From Ghost in the Shell, here comes Makoto

Nobunaga The Fool, at last another mechanical figma aside Robocop. Waaaannntt!!

Another idolmaster figma, sorry cannot read the name

Another figma Link and Metroid from Nintendo franchise, Link feels younger and Samus doesn’t equip the gear

I know the show, but I forget… something like someone want to go to Akiba by bike?

Chariot from Black Rock Shooter TV version. I must buy this, musssssssttt buy.

Someone from Madoka Movie project

A character from Berserk

Sorry I really dunno from what series these are, anyone knows?

From the uniform, someone from Girls un Panzer?

Zombie… from… who knows?

Shimakaze from Kancole, of course you know right?

Another character from Kancole

Avengers, assemble!!

Pyramid Head from.. Silent Hill?

Archer… it’s another time MaxFactory shows a glimpse of him… which always leave us without release date. When will Archer finally come?

The last is Saber again, maybe renewal Saber 2.0? Or Saber from Fate Zero? or Saber from rumored renewal Fate/Stay Night?

Anyway that is that, any figma on your watch list? Just tell us below