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This article is a translation of Squalledd‘s short review on the biggest forum in Indonesia, Kaskus. This translation article has been known and allowed to be published in Figmania blog by Squalled. (Jvalz)


By Squalledd

Mikasa 1

“Eren.. Are you alright?” “Eren…” “Eren…”

Mikasa Ackerman, from one of the most favorite anime/manga in 2013 Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titans, is one of the main protagonist in the series. Her character that brave, strong, and never give up make her really-really loveable for her fans. Even more, if there is any threat to Eren Jaeger emerge, she will not hesistate to help Eren whatever the condition is. She will even attack a Titan alone to save him and risking her life.. Incredible.. Truly the power of love!

Due to the skyrocketing popularity of Attack on Titans, many toys manufacturers and figure artists start racing to make figures from this series. Max Factory managed to convinced me to buy this figure with their astonishing photos of Mikasa Ackerman Figma Prototype that really detail and authentic. In fact, this is my first Figma! Really exciting!


I don’t know how other Figma box look like, but Figma Mikasa Ackerman box is quite thick with simple artwork. Nothing too special.

Inside box

Wow! I am impressed! The detail is so good. Especially the 3D maneuver gear, look so fantastic! There is also 3D maneuver gear blowouts included. Well done!

Mikasa hands parts are placed in special case. GSC also give clear plastic bag to keep your unused parts. Really interesting, is this kind of accesory included in Attack of Titans series only or every Figma have it?

Mikasa in Action

Maybe you ever heard and saw that Mikasa arms and vest colour are different? Yes, it is true! Her arms colour is a bit darker. Why it can be like that? Maybe because her arms and vest are made from a different material. Her arms material is harder than her vest material that quite chewy, so the colour can not be at the exact same colour. I don’t really sure that this difference in colour will vanish in second batch production.

But it is not that bad! If you don’t look it so closely, that difference is not too noticeable and disturbing. Moreover if you have already drown in posing her and look on other things she have, you will soon forget about this colour difference. I will give you some of her pictures in different pose (I only edit the photo overall level). Please enjoy. 😀

Anyway, this Figma is really fun. Her articulation is top notch. So she can be posed really really well. But I have trouble when pose her in aerial stance, most of the time she will fall moreover if she already equip her green cape (become heavier). Is it that hard to pose Mikasa’s Figma or maybe because i’m just a beginner in Figma line?

Mikasa 2
Mikasa 3Mikasa 4Mikasa 5Mikasa 6Mikasa 7

Her faceplate is amazing, two thumbs up! Look exactly teh same like what we see on the anime/manga. Max Factory don’t try to make her more beautiful or uglier. Exactly the same like what she should to be. Her paintjob is almost neat in all parts of her body, except on the belt around her pants, but it’s not that bad, still acceptable.

Because of the time restriction, i won’t try to pose her in aerial stance. Maybe when Figma Eren, Levi, and Armin show up later, I will make more and lots photos.

Long live Attack on Titan!


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