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cover Hi everyone,

Back with me again, Jvalz! Now i’m gonna present you a review about Figma Asuna from Sword Art Online (SAO) anime. Sword Art Online anime was really famous last year and so does the Figma. GSC released two Figma(s) for SAO anime: Kirito and Asuna, sadly without Leafa, Silica, or Heathcliff followed. In Indonesia, Figma Asuna sold really well, just in short time it became rare Figma, unlike Figma Kirito. I was also a “victim” of that rarity, until late of 2013 I manage to get this Figma from my favorite seller. 😀

The figma itself is really beautiful in its way. No wonder why it became rare really fast in my country.

1. The Character


Asuna is a female protagonist in Sword Art Online (SAO) anime with long orange-brownish hair and hazel eyes. Like other SAO player, she is trapped inside the game world and have to beat the final boss at dungeon level 100 to escape to the real world. Later in the anime, she progress as one of the strongest player in SAO world specialize in one-handed sword skill. She use rapier (one of the fastest weapon in SAO) as her main weapon and her degree of one-handed sword profiency is 1000 (mastered), combined with her speed she earned her nickname as The Flash. She is equipped with +40 Lambent Light at the later of the game. Asuna is a second person in command (sub-leader) in guild Knight of the Blood, one of the strongest guild in SAO world. She fall in love with Kirito and marry him in the game.


2. Unboxing the Box

Asuna box is dominated with orange and red colour. It resemble the Knight of the Blood theme colour and also her armor colour. Let’s see her box from front, side, and rear view. asuna3Asuna4asuna5 Now, let’s unbox this box!

ubox There are two clear plastic case for Figma Asuna. One contain Asuna and the other one that contain sword effect concealed behind the first plastic case.

3. Design, Details, and Presentation.

design The sculpt of Figma Asuna is superb. I think GSC always deliver the best in terms of body sculpting. The only concern from me is, somehow i think Asuna’s clothes and robe is not as white as what i’ve seen in the anime. Asuna clothes and robe is a bit greyish, not white. Her sidebangs, shoulder pad, lower clothes, and skirt are made from soft plastic that feel rubber-like. Here are some photo of her.

front Look at the details on her armor. Looks great! I also love how they make crease on her skirt, look so real.


The details on her skirt, socks, and shoes is also great.


She look gorgeus from the side.

rear There is a ball joint hidden inside her tiny ponytail.

rear They also manage to sculpt the details on her back.

Asuna Figma included with three different faceplate that look great on her: normal face, agressive face, and blushing face.

Normal face“Normal Faceplate”

agressive “Agressive Faceplate”

Blushing “Blushing Faceplate”

The details on her weapon is also good. Her lambent light and Silveric Rapier sculpted really good, but the paint job is not so good. Maybe it can not seen at the photos below, but there are some mis-paint on the sword hilt and scabbard for both the sword. I hope this is not a mass production mistake, but just happen on my Figma. sword1sword2sword3 Besides that, GSC did a good paint job on the Asuna armor detail. I love how they give a soft tone colour on her armor. Asuna faceplate paintjob is also great like what GSC used to do.

4. The Accesories

acc You will get:

  • A transparent Figma Case to store your unused accesories,
  • A figma guide paper,
  • 4 pairs of hands,
  • A Lambent Light and its scabbard,
  • A Silveric Rapier and its scabbard,
  • An extension for Figma Stand,
  • Two Faceplates,
  • An effect for Lambent Light,
  • A transparent figma stand.

5. Articulation and Pose

Asuna articulation is quite the same with other number 150+ Figma, so I won’t discuss a lot about her “normal” articulation in this article. She got a joint on her hair and it give Asuna more flexibility in posing. This hair joint is great, because Figma with long hair most of the times hinder the head articulation in some degree. Her shoulder pad and skirt are made from soft plastic that feel rubber-like so the upper arms and thighs articulation are not hindered by those thing. Her robe also has two ball joint that add more to her poseability.

One thing to be remember is her hands has a little thing on its wrist that can easily fall and lost. We have to pay extra caution while changing her hands part, otherwise this little thing will lost easily. I will show you the small thing i talked before in next photo, marked with yellow oval.


I will show some pictures of her in different pose. Please enjoy. 😀

pose1pose2pose3pose4 I also try her sword effect. Unlike Kirito’s sword effect, Asuna sword effect is really lightweight. There is no overweight issue so the joint can’t hold the sword with the effect firmly or the figure stand can’t balance the figure weight so the figure can’t stand still. Here are some pictures of here using the sword effect.

effect1effect2 How about taking photos with her lovely Kirito? I will show you some. 😀

asuna-kirito Sometimes, they have a little fight, but fight between two high level players is always rough. 😛

fight1fight2 If someone disturb them while they are fighting, both of them will forget their fight and coorperate to defend from the disturber.

fight3 Still want some of Asuna photos? Okay, i will give you more. pic1pic2

6. The Verdict


This is another great Figma from GSC. No wonder she is one of the most favorite figma chosen by Figmania in 2013. Her sculpt, articulation, and poseability is really great. Too bad her armor colour is a bit greyish and not white, she also suffer some mis-paint on both of her sword and scabbard, but those flaws don’t omit the overall beauty of the Figma itself. If you are a fans of Sword Art Online anime or a true Figma lover, i suggest you to buy this Figma.

Thanks for reading my review. See you on my next article! Bye!