Good day, guys and gals! This is a new contributor for FIGMANIA blog, deadlymarc . In this occassion, I would like to give a good comparison of some versions of Fate Testarossa released as Figma.

Yep, as you guys have surely known, Fate Testarossa is a character from an anime titled Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha or Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. She started as a villain in the first season, and then became one of the protagonists in the next two seasons, A’s and StrikerS.

Despite not being the real main character of this anime which is Takamachi Nanoha, Fate Testarossa is still like “the second” main charater and many have her as favorite character in the show.

Fate is a cool yet calm girl with cool weapon and gorgeous costume design (a swimsuit + pink skirts covered with a belt and mantle jacket, also leather and armored gloves plus laces shoes), so yeah, in my opinion many would prefer her to Nanoha.

Now, for the figma! Figma has released 6 figma(s) variants of her so far. The first one released was the adult version of her in StrikerS. The design was good, but because it’s different from the child version, I will not put that one in this comparison. The school uniform version also won’t be featured here.

So, the ones that I wanted to compare are the forms Fate took when she were still a child, which are listed below:

  • Figma 56 Fate Testarossa The Movie 1st ver
  • Figma 162 Fate Testarossa The Movie 2nd Lightning Form ver
  • Figma 163 Fate Testarossa The Movie 2nd Sonic Form ver
  • Figma 186 Fate Testarossa The Movie 2nd Blaze Form ver

Up there is how they look if we line them up side by side. They all look quite the same, eh? Well, actually yes, the only main different thing about these versions is actually the weapon form of Fate, the Bardiche.

Bardiche has two basic forms, Lightning form and Sonic form. And when Bardiche is upgraded to Bardiche Assault in A’s, it got a new form, Blaze form which is a giant sword. ¬†However, Fate’s costume also changes a little bit when Bardiche changes is form.

Anyway, let’s start one by one.

Fate Testarossa 1st Movie Version

This is the original costume of Fate when first introduced in the anime (or rather, not the original anime but the mashed-up version when the 1st recap movie was aired, lol).

As I said above she has a gorgeous outfit with a black swimsuit and pink skirts covered in a black mantle. For comparison sake, put in mind that she still has leather gloves on both of her hands.

Fate Testarossa Lightning Form

Next! The outfit of the Lightning Form. Yeah, basically, aside from the weapon form, she now has a pair of armored shoes and an armored glove on her left hand.

Cool, isn’t it! And there is a change of patterns on her swimsuit and stockings! Actually, Fate was already able to change her Bardiche into this form with her outfit during the 1st movie, but somehow Figma made her lightning form using her 2nd movie outfit.

Fate Testarossa Sonic Form

The Sonic Form is the lightest armor form of Fate. In this form, Fate put all her magical power into attack and speed, leaving her defenseless without her barrier jacket. Bardiche’s form is more like a giant scythe. Again, some pattern changes can be seen on her swimsuit with her wearing a pair of shorts.

What I had in mind is an althletic suit (XD) There are also a pair of armored gloves on her hands! And her hands and feet are glowing. They are called Sonic Sail. You can see those attached to her arms and boots in the photo above. They are very fragile though, and they are easy to fall down.

Fate Testarossa Blaze Form

Yup, the last one. It’s my favorite. Basically, the general costume is the same as Lightning Form, except that the jacket turns white and she gets double skirts (a skirt inside a skirt, if you know what I mean). A pair of armored gloves are on both of her hands. And here, Bardiche is a giant sword.


I took their shots and lined them like this. Remember what I explained above? Pay attention to especially the swimsuit patterns on her chest, her skirts (maybe it’s difficult to see from this angle), her gloves, her shoes, and her stockings.

Finally, you can see their differences easily now! Hooray! Some of you might think the differences are too small to notice. But for those who watch the anime surely knows every difference details of her ^^

And above here is the double skirts I mentioned before. The upper one is the 1st movie form, and also Lightning Form. The lower one is the Blaze Form.

As for the joint technology change, yep, the 1st movie version is still a figma product under number 100, so it still has the old technology of hair joint. The joint is near the head, so it can be broken VERY easily. I had many horrible experiences of this in with old figma(s) such as Nanoha adult version, Signum, etc.

And when Lightning Form was released, the joint is made like the right photo. It’s a double joint, so the moving hair is not directly connected with the joint in the head. This REALLY improved the hair articulation of figma products. You can find this kind of hair joints in all new figma(s) nowadays.

The mantle jacket and the stand are also different. The left one is the 1st movie ver. The right one is the others. The stand has an extension so the mantle can be moved more freely to adapt accordingly to different poses.

Bardiche Line-up

Yap, as you can see above, there are four handles, 1st movie ver, Lightning Form, Sonic Form, and Blaze Form, from left to right, respectively.

As I explained before, Bardiche in the 1st movie was already able to change into Lightning and Sonic Form. SO the 1st movie ver came with several weapon parts (axe head, scythe head, and shooting head). The axe head of the 1st movie looks different from the axe head of the 2nd Movie Lightning Form. Of course, because in the 2nd movie, Bardiche is upgraded to Bardiche Assault.  

But again, anyway, there is not much different though. Also, all the weapons are compatible to one another. You can use any weapon on any figma versions of Fate here.

Additional Gallery

These are some poses I took before with these four.

Okay then, that’s all for today, I guess. After seeing this, I hope you won’t be confused of which one to buy or whether you want to buy all of them or not. I tried to show you some detailed differences I could find.

Hope you enjoyed this article! See you later!