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Hi Everyone,

Here are the lineup for Figma(s) that gonna be released next month.

feb 2014

1. Figma Snow Miku

Everybody love Miku. After released Racing Miku in January 2014, GSC decide to release another version of Miku (Snow Miku) in February 2014.

Snow Miku

Aw, does she adorable? :3

Yeah, GSC will release Snow Miku as a wonderfest exclusive (EX), but luckily you can pre-order this Figma on GSC online shop after the Wonderfest end. She is bundled with 4000 yen while sold in wonderfest and 4115 yen in GSC online shop.

2. Figma Armin Arlert

After Mikasa, GSC decide to choose Armin as the second addition to the Attack of the Titans Figma lineup.


Too bad that he is one of two Figma(s) that sold in Winter Wonder Festival this year. But once again, you can still pre-order him on GSC online shop after the festival end. He is bundled with price 4500 yen while sold in Wonderfest and 4629 yen on GSC online shop.

3. Figma Akane Isshiki: Palette Suit Ver.

Last bu not least, Figma Akane Isshiki from anime Vividred Operation.


She is not a wonderfest exclusive and bundled with price 4200 yen.

That’s all folks, see you! πŸ™‚