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Hi everyone, back with me, Jvalz! 😀

I know it’s a bit late, lately my job in real world had taken lots of my time, so I only able to write some articles in weekend. Here are some news Recap for Figmania readers.

1. New Figma Release in Wonder Festival Japan 2014 [Winter]

wonfes 2014 winter

Well, Wonder Festival is like heaven for every toys, hobby, and especially figure enthusiast. This event specialize in showing and selling lots of garage kits that usually replicate famous anime, video game, or imaginative characters. Wonderfest held bi-annually in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan every summer and winter season with admission fee about 2000 yen. Wonder Festival 2014 [winter] take place at 9th February 2014: 10:00 ~ 17:00.

Good Smile Company always release exclusive figma(s) that only sold at wonder festival every year. This time, they release 2 exclusive figma that (luckily) can be bought at GSC Online shop after the event end. You can look at the detail here and I will show those two figma(s). 🙂

First of all is Snow Miku, she will be bundled with price 4000 yen.miku snow

Last, but not least, Armin Arlert from Shingeki no Kyojin anime. He will be bundled with price 4500 yen.Armin

2. Figma Strength: TV Animation & Figma Futayo Honda Released Date Postponed

“Postponed? Didn’t They (GSC) announced that Figma Strength will be released this month??”

Yes, Figma Strength is postponed by GSC until March 2014 without prior notice. Let’s pray that GSC will release this figma on time at March 2014. For the meantime, you can read Figmania Preview of this Figma that made by Signum.


Figma Futayo Honda is also postponed for one month from previous release date at February 2014 to March 2014.

3. Re-issue of Hunter X Hunter Figma Series


Gon, Killua, and Curarpickt will be re-issued sometime in May 2014. The PO for those three characters already available this month. So if somehow you missed this Figma back then in 2013, you still can have the second chance to have it now.

4. Figma Ranko Kanzaki Sneak Peek


At 17th January, Official Figma Facebook account posted that sneak peek picture of Ranko Kanzaki. She is a character from famous video games called Idolm@ster from famous developer Namco Bandai Games. As a 14 years old girl with gothic theme, she is really adorable.

Later this week, some of Figmania members manage to have more picture of Ranko. Here are the pictures that i take from Figmania Facebook Group.


That’s all folks for the news recap. See you soon in next articles!