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Hi everyone,

It’s me Jvalz. I’m back with a new review from one of the most favorite Figma of year 2013 by Figmania, Nyaruko.

Well, Nyaruko come from anime called “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san” and “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W” which is quite underrated from my personal opinion. The anime itself doesn’t have a solid and mindblowing story, but really fun to watch and full of joy. I always laugh so much in every episode of this anime, especially when it a rip other famous anime scene or taglines, hillarious!

The Figma itself is really beautiful. I will show you how beautiful this figma and how hillarious Nyaruko can be as a “photo model”. ๐Ÿ˜€

1. The Character

Nyaruko pic

Nyaruko is an alien which has real name as Nyarlathotep (I wish i spell it correctly). She take human form as a girl (because she is a female alien) with long-silver hair and usually wear black dress with checkerboard motif on its tie and skirt. She work for Space Defence Agency to Earth to protect Mahiro (another main protagonist) and accidentally fall in love with him while protecting him. She has a fun, blunt, and extroverted character. She has a really good fighting skill and claim that she has combat level of 530.000, meanwhile a normal farmer with a gun only has combat level of 5.

Nyaruko pic 2

2. Unboxing the Box

As you can see, Nyaruko Figma’s box is dominated with rainbow colour and some orange checkerboard motif like what we see in her dress. It feel so cheerful and cute at the same only by looking on its box. Let’s see the box from three different angle: front, side, and rear view.


When I received Nyaruko, the box is a bit dent at the back top side and made the unboxing process become quite difficult. I think this is because of the poor protection while my Figma is being delivered.

Now, let’s unbox the Figma!

Unbox 2

There is only one clear plastic case for your Figma. No “hidden” plastic case in the back like what you can find in Kirito or Kuroiyukihime Accel Assault Ver. Figma.

3. Design, Details, and Presentation

Nyaruko 11

Once again, GSC did a great job with this Figma. The sculpt is amazing, the figure is almost the same with the Nyaruko we see on the anime. Body proportion really great and they also did a great job on the faceplate. Nyaruko sidebangs, skirts, tie, back ribbon, and some lace on her dress are made from soft plastic that feel like rubber. Here are some pictures about Nyaruko details.

Detail 1

This is the upper side of her dress. The painting on her ties is done perfectly. Her dress crease is also sculpted perfectly.

Detail 2

more picture of Nyaruko but from lower view. The painting on her skirt is also done prefectly. They even give Nyaruko black coloured panties.. Hehe..

Detail 3

This is Nyaruko from the side view. Look nice, huh? ๐Ÿ˜€

Detail 4

Last but not least, Nyaruko from behind. Even the back ribbon is looked beautiful.

Nyaruko faceplate is another hillarious thing included in the package that give more awesomeness to this Figma. Let’s look at three different faceplate of Nyaruko:

faceplate 1“Hyper Wink Faceplate”

Faceplate 2“Yandere Expression Faceplate”

Faceplate 3“Shouting Faceplate”

I really love all of her faceplate. Hillarious!

4. The Accesories


You will get:

  • A transparent Figma Case to store your unused accesories,
  • A figma guide paper,
  • A space crowbar,
  • 4 pairs of hands,
  • A special hand to hold the space CQC hand granade,
  • 2 faceplate,
  • An extension for Figma stand,
  • A CQC hand granade, and
  • A transparent figma stand.

The crowbar is really loose on my Figma, make lots of posing availbility with that thing is quite impossible.

5. Articulation and Pose

Nyaruko articulation is amazing. Her legs articulation is really free eventhough she has a skirt. Maybe it’s because her skirt is made from flexible plastic that let her thighs “push” it freely. I will show you a picture of her in sitting position, a position which is usually quite impossible for Figma with skirt. But still, her thighs is not bent 90 degrees perfectly. The skirt still hinder the thighs articulation a little.


But if you move the leg to the side, the skirt will not hinder the leg articulation. She got some cut on the left and right side of her skirt.

Pic 2pic2

How about her head, waist, chest, and arms articulation? Superb. You better see it yourself from pictures below.

pic 3pic 4pic5pic6

I even make some situational photo series about Nyaruko and Kirito do a janken, then the winner can try to tackle the loser leg. If the the loser can avoid the tackle, the loser win.


The only minus point for Nyaruko is her hair that doesn’t have a ball joint, unlike Asuna. Lots of time her hair is hindering the Figma Stand so some pose is really difficult to set.

6. The Verdict


Nyaruko Figma is amazing, superb, and charming! No wonder lots of Figmania choose her as one of the most favorite Figma in 2013. Her articulation is really free. Her faceplate is hillarious. Her paint job is also done prefectly. I think this is another a-must-buy Figma for Figma collector. I hope GSC will release other character from Nyaruko anime such as Kuuko or Mahiro. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for reading my review. See you again in next articles!

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