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“Burst Link!”, “Burst Out!”

Here come The Black Lotus, one of the ‘Seven Kings of Pure Colour’ and the leader of Nega Nebulos Legion, that has an ambition to defeat all the other kings and win the Brain Burst Game.

1. The Character


Kuroyukihime is one of the main protagonist in Accel World anime. She is smart, beautiful, and cunning. Behind of that character, she has one of the most powerful battle avatar in Brain Burst, a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online (VRMMO) Fighting Game, the Black Lotus. This accel assault version come from the OVA and mixed up the black lotus avatar with Kuroyukihime true self in real world.

2. Unboxing the Box


This is the box from front, side, and rear view. It is coloured with purple with pink butterflies. Sorry for my camera blitz that reflected on the box. πŸ˜€

Now, let’s go unbox the Figma!


We’ve got two plastic covers, one for the Figma and the other for the wing.

3. Design, Details, and Presentation


I took three pictures of Kuroyukihime from three different view. This figma look almost the same like what we saw in anime, except (i think) she got a bigger boobs (eventhough it is still small :P) than the anime version. Err.. Just forget it..

She got a perfect dark purple colour with some pinkish-purple colour at the back of her feet and at some parts of her body. Her body proportion is also great. The details on her hair, back, shoulder pad, waist pad, blade arms, and blade legs is amazed me. Not to mention the detail of her black wing that I’m gonna show you later.

And how about the faceplate? Well, this this figma is provided with 3 different faceplate: an aggresive faceplate, a screaming faceplate, and a smiling faceplate.


Maybe you realise that the first (an aggresive faceplate) and the third (a smiling faceplate) faceplate look a like. Well, i also feel the same. The distiction between those faceplate are too minimal.

4. The Accesories


You will get:

  • A pair of wings,
  • Extension for figma stand,
  • A pair of human arms,
  • 6 pairs of human hands in different pose,
  • A pair of legs,
  • Two faceplates,
  • A transparent Figma Case to store your unused accesories,
  • A figma guide paper, and
  • A transparent figma stand.

look at the black wings. I have to admit that the wings is so beautiful and detail. Unfortunately, my Figma’s right wing is kinda loose, so i have to do a little trick to make it stand still. I will show you how to attach the wing, sorry for my big thumb. πŸ™‚

Black Wings

5. Articulation and Pose

Kuroyukihime articulation is kinda tricky. Her head articulation is “blocked” by her shoulder pad, so you have to move around the shoulder pad (yes, it is freely moveable) to have certain head movement. However, she got a ball joint on her backhair so her long hair will not block the head movement.

Her upper arms articulation is also “blocked” by her shoulder pad. Move the shoulder pad will solve the problem (FYI, the shoulder pad is made from rubber). Her forearms can be bent at 90 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. Her legs can be moved freely eventhough she has an awesome waist pad on the top of her legs.

Her wings also have a joint, so you can move the wing freely.

Here are some photos of Kuroyukihime. πŸ˜€




6. Verdict


Figma Kuroyukihime Accel Assault Version is beautiful and cool and the same time. However, there is some difficulties in arranging her head and upper arms pose beacuse of the shoulder pad hinderance. I also have some problems in her loosed right wing but i can fix it with some tricks, i think this problem is only happened to my Figma, not a mass production problems.

If you an Accel world fans, this is a-must-buy Figma. Eventhough you are not a Accel World fans, this Figma is still look fantastic especially with her two black wings and can be an awesome looking figure on your shelf.