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“Balwisyal Nescel Gungnir Tron…”

With that song, Tachibana Hibiki‘s Relic (Gungnir) activated and she become enveloped in her Symphogear! Now let’s see the review from Cybeast21 :3

This is Hibiki out of the box. Quite small, if I may say. However, her small size doesn’t hinder her from any detail! She has many paint detail jobs done, just like in the show :3

Obviously, I don’t try to show her beautiful ass (that’s a lie). Just a heads-up, that white pointy thingies? Yes it’s movable, detachable, and prone to missing. I almost missed the left one when writing this review -.-

As shown in that picture, colors are perfectly blended and faithful to the show (forgive my crappy pic)

Unlike other Symphogear user, Hibiki doesn’t have any weapon (Tsubasa has sword, and Chris has various ranged weapon). Instead, she has a pull-back arm parts (yes, pull-back, just like your old pull-back car toys. Feel free to hit me now, Hibiki :3).

When she punched, powered by previous pulled-back parts, it will create a more stronger punch (even more stronger in season 2, able to hit through a train >_>). If you want to know the effect of her punch, just watch some episodes she’s fighting and hear the sound of the Noise getting punched (I love the sound, by the way <3)

When getting angry, Hibiki can sometimes turn into this black face-frenzy state- (reason will get revealed later in the anime, no spoiler :3). And her figma does capture this expression nicely (they even give her that pair of hands! XD)

Too bad though, she doesn’t come with Durandal (unlike her Nendoroid version) even though she got a pair of hands for holding something. That’s the only downside for me 😦

Overall? I’ll give her a score around 9.5/10. I want to give her 10/10, but the easily detachable white things on her back, and Durandal missing reduce my score on her. She’s still one of the best and enjoyable figma though, even if you don’t follow the anime :3

Closing pic: