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In 2013, Good Smile Company already released 59 Figma(s), including some ‘exclusive’ Figma that sold ‘only’ at Wonder Festival. Most of them come from worldwide-known anime or video games, but some of them are come from real human character such as Egashira-san and Yuichi Sawajima-san.

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There is a significant increase in release amount compared to last year by 22,92% (In 2012, GSC released 48 Figma(s)). Another interesting fact is that they released 3 Figma based on real human in 2013, more than only 1 Figma in 2012 (Kamui Kobayashi). Why this fact is matter? Because this fact show that GSC has more guts to make real human based Figma. Maybe in 2014 we will see more Figma like this, not only Indiana Jones and Bruce Lee.

It’s gonna be a tight battle this year for Figmania to pick which one is the best Figma in 2013. So many good line-up from famous Anime and video games. Also there are so many Figma that show some improvement in details and posing articulation, compared to last year Figma.

So, who is your most favorite Figma this year? 😀

All of you can vote at the polling provided below and we will help you to remind all Figma release in 2013 starts from January to December 2013 by giving you lots of pictures below!

January 2013

Only looking at January line-up, tight battle already emerge. Two Mikus, Fate, Nyaruko, and Accel World line-up. Kuroyukihime once had the ‘gloriuos seat’ in figma review at many blogs.

February 2013

Two Aigis, Fate series, and Rin Shibuya. Starts to confuse already. But wait, they had Kuroyukihime assault mode too?

March 2013

Poor Herietta, why you have to head to head with Saber, Guts, and Ultimate Madoka this month. Unfortunately, Herietta price was still quite high that time. 😛

April 2013

Not as tight as other month, but Figma Labrys and Black Gold Saw is really good. At least from my personal opinion.

May and June 2013

Dead Master is another outstanding Figma in 2013, but they also have Kirito and Hunter X Hunter Line-up at June.

July 2013

Girls strike at July 2013! Which one is your favorite?

August and Sept 2013

It seems that GSC slows down for a second, after “bombing” at July 2013. 🙂

Oct and Nov 2013

Here comes the duo Nintendo Mascot, Zelda, wait, Link and Samus Aran. Also with Miku at November.

Dec 2013

And the December line-up close this year Figma release by GSC. We hope that this reminder will help all of you to pick up which Figma is the best Figma of the year.

See you soon!