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Figma Blog gets the hands on the finished Figma Sae, straight from anime series Hidamari Sketch

As the number has passed #200, after Figma Miku 2.0, the box is now different than before. How do you think about it? For me, it’s a refreshing, yet I feel too black and blocky so I prefer the old one…

Out of the box shoot and replacement for shy face.

“Nori” replacement hair, now you may correct me if I’m wrong, so Nori and Sae are two different persons right?

And of course, the “megane” the glasses. I know many will get Sae for only this… hey I can’t blame them because it’s a right cause.

Whole of Hidamari Sketch members. Anyone will complete them all?

Figma Sae will be released this 26th of December 2013 with 4,000 yen. Prepare your money away now.

*Note: Introductory images comes from Prototype, while Hands-on images comes from sample of Finished Goods, so some details may differ