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~Obligatory “We need you” from Dearest Yuki-san

So, as usual readers might notice our blog updates are too minimal these days, except the last four days when I finally able to have time in blogging again. Basically, the regular writers have busy days in real life and so we in dire need for other writers to help us to write this blog contents.

More info after the jump, click away.

In ideal world of Figmania Blog, we would post diverse contens, such as:
1. [Example] Newsline, which is introducing new figma and hands-on from official Figma Blog.
2. [Example] Figma Lineup, a lineup posted on end of the month for upcoming month figma release.
3. [Example] Event Coverage, which covers an event with relevance for figma, whether it is held in Indonesia or other places.
4. [Example] Review, comes from other site (with permission for republishing), our members’ review, or the writers’ review of his/her own figma.
5. [Example] Photo Gallery, which mostly compile adorable and interesting photo from our members’ figma photo and maybe other sites’ with permission for re-posting.
6. [Example] In-Depth, a writing about figma world and maybe more knowledge about the characters represented by figma.
7. Talking Point, basically a discussion over something, I’ve seen a sample from my usual read.

So, in ideal world, it’s a big job that I myself can’t ever do myself. Therefore, we Figmania Blog needs you as the Writer. It is not a problem if you cannot write regularly, but at least in two weeks we expect you to write one post for us, and yeah we really appreciate if you can write at least once a week, as we will have much to write.

Today and yesterday, I myself could only afford to write Newsline and Hands-on, but together with you we will be able to make this Figmania Blog even better.

How to join

It’s really simple, pick one of these four option:
1. Just give a comment that you are willing to help here and I’ll follow you up in your email ^^
2. Post a comment that you are willing to help in Figmania Blog
3. Post a Private Message to one of the admins in Figmania Blog
4. Email us that you are willing to help to figmaniax at yahoo.com

We really need you, Really ^^ So help us to grow this blog even better.