Today, it’s two day after Christmas, and yet we will approaching the New Year 2014; will be a retelling from Figma Blog about Figma Okabe Rintarou Hands-on, from Steins;Gate anime/visual novel series.

Because it’s not #200 and above yet, the box is still the same like before. Yes the #200++ are kinda exclusive but this one is colorful. Wonder which is better for your taste?

Slipper part is removeable, the accessories included are mobile phones, and the ray gun. The facepart is normal, inpatient, and deciding expression.

The Gadget no.12 is also worn by Okabe, fitly on his wrist.

Figma Okabe Rintarou is released on 26th of December by 4,000 yen. You may also check Figma Makise Kurisu which has White Coat version and recently re-released Regular version.