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From Figma Blog and Mikatan Blog, here we introduced the beloved Diva in Figma Snow Miku.

Snow and Diva sounds perfectly fit each other right 😀 I just can’t get enough hype for Snow Miku, really something that must have at all cost.

Accessories included are mufflers, snowman, gloves. Faceplates included are normal, singing happily, embarrassed, and smiling face. Too adorable to pass, isn’t it everyone?

Now the bad news is… how to get her actually.
First option:
– Come to Snow Miku event on Sapporo Factory Hall (in Japan of course) during pre-sale period on 11th *I assume it means 11th of December 2013 – February 5th 2014 and get a voucher beforehand on December 19th from website I suppose, for pre-sale. Don’t really quote me on this because this option is confusing…

Second option:

– Come to Wonder Festival in “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!” booth that will be held at the Makuhari Messe on February 9th 2014. Remember, it will come in limited number so expect it will run out of products in a matter of minutes…

Third option:
– After or during the Wonder Festival, there will be an announcement for Web order, which will have to wait for some time, but I guess the third option is the simplest out of three.

And no price announced yet. So, basically this figma is limited one, and hard-to-get one I guess. Who will go through the hardship for Snow Miku, let’s talk about that in the comments below.