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Retelling the story from Figma Blog, here is introductory for Figma Levi from anime series “Attack on Titan”

Levi is a character from Attack on Titan who considered to be the strongest from mankind… well, that’s what I read from sources because I don’t watch the series myself.

Ultra Hard Blade, Wire Anchor, Injection Effects, and Smoke Effects comes as accessories to replicate events in the anime / manga. Faceplate included are normal face, cool-headed face, and face clenching

Mark your calendar, Figma Levi will come in 4,937 yen around June 2014. Remember, it’s a tentative date if everything comes right without delay.

So, who will get Figma Levi? Voice your vote in comment area.

*Note: Introductory images comes from Prototype, while Hands-on images comes from sample of Finished Goods, so some details may differ