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Today we have a retelling of hands on for Figma Guts: Band of the Hawk, from anime series of Berserk. Original post can be found on Figma Blog.

This is the shot for packaging. Guess not much for the packaging, and not that different than the regular Figma Guts.

Just like the former Guts, the sword could be attached. If you are careful, you don’t really need to use the stand I think.

Here we got a replacement for the head, a helmet part.

The cloak is removeable with mechanism like this.

Figma Guts: Bands of the Hawk is on sale December 26th with 3,800 yen price tag.
Anyone has the guts to take this Guts home?

– Official product page for Figma Guts: Bands of the Hawk could be found here.

*Note: Introductory images comes from Prototype, while Hands-on images comes from sample of Finished Goods, so some details may differ