Hello readers, AFAID2013 had finally closed on last Sunday.
Here I try to unveil everything we had on FIGMANIA booth, and others on AFAID 2013 will be covered in my personal blog

We got a exhibition booth on AFAID 2013, we got a handful number of figma on our display case. For this time, we got two display case, one displayed in front of the booth with most of Nanoha figma displayed and the other displaying many variations of figma.

We ask for signatures from bystanders who come to our booth. Surprisingly, three big boards can’t even contain all of them. Here they are in one by one shot:

First day

Second day

Third day

Our members had also contributed in photographs which are posted on the wall, like these

And here we show the figma on this occasion:

And reception for our exhibition was very great 😀 all thanks for the massive amount of AFAID2013 visitors too of course

So, we thank you for every person who help to make this happens.
Let’s meet again in AFAID 2014 ^^

NB: Rest of AFAID2013 event report will be written on my website: Hobby in Motion