Anime Festival Asia ID 2013 will be celebrated on 6,7,8 September 2013 in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), one place that I could say the best place for a convention. A real thumb up, compared to last year celebrated in Jakarta Expo Center (JiExpo).

FIGMANIA will participate in these eventful days and set up our booth just like last year. And we will covering the events along the days. We are sorry if not everything will be covered though because so many events will be held in the same time šŸ˜€

Our booth will be on Community Zone on Basement, FIGMANIA and Nendonesia is side by side with Gramedia on floor plan, be sure to check it out.

So, let us meet on AFAID2013 and we’ve prepared some flyers and exclusive AFAID 2013 FIGMANIA name card to be collected ^^