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GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Do you know what day is this? YES!! Today is the day for Figma Archer’s reviva… WINTER WONDER FESTIVAL!!! Where new products from various Japanese toys company are displayed for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are limited release on the event and will be labeled EX. Yeah I’ve ordered Jougasaki Mika, I don’t know why but I can’t resist her charm, her cool uniform and her attractive faceplates. Moving on to the lineup, here it is:

figma lineuup

Looking really good there isn’t it? Let’s take a closer look on each exhibited prototype shall we?

1. Archer/Emiya

The wait is (kinda) over! Dream has come true, on 2014 we’ll have what we’ve been promised from Wonfes 2010, Archer finally resculpted and now added with joints making it a complete unpainted prototype. Frankly speaking he’s shooting up to my buy list by a large margin, I can’t miss this guy, not now, not ever. I have a weird feeling about his head size and expression but I hope it’s coming from lens’s distortion.

2. Racing Miku 2013

Got her news after making the collaboration picture above so I can’t get her in on time, but since she’s probably one of my priority I’ll display her first on the listing. It looks really good with the silvery bits, kind of like a mixture from Racing Miku 2011 body with Append’s styling. Although the skin looks a bit pale, but I hope it’s just the photographer’s white balance that is off.

3. Shingeki no Kyojin

Not only Mikasa and Eren, we’ll also get Rivaille and Colossal Titan. Don’t ask me how big Colossal Titan will be as I can’t even bring myself to think about the price lol.

3. Kisaragi Chihaya

I’m shocked, I didn’t see this one coming, really. Probably I’ve been away from figma world for too long since I didn’t get any news but after Chihaya’s release, I’m expecting lots others Idol from Idolmaster.  Wallet rape for sure.

4. Girls und Panzer

Pardon my lack of newer-anime knowledge, I haven’t watched anything for the past 3/4 season due to being afraid of getting easily poisoned. I don’t know anything about Girl und Panzer, I reckon it’s a little bit similar to Strike Witches? But to release most of them simultaneously, bold move MF.

5. Honda Futayo

Honda Futayo from boobs Kyoukai Senjuu no Horizon, MF is quite pumped lately, I hope the factory have the capacity to produce all of them on time.

6. Amy from Suisei no Gargantia


7. Hidamari Sketch

Sae and Hiro both shown following Yuno’s figma not too long ago, so they’ll be completed some time soon.


8. VividRed Operation

Isshiki Akane from VividRed Operation on her Pallet Suit (thanks to Stephan for the information)

9. Marth from Fire Emblem

Coming from 3DS hits, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Figma Mars/Marth to release in 2014!

10. Ninja Slayer

If anyone can lighten me up where is this character came from, it’ll be much appreciated.

11. Chariot

Following the BRS quartet, Chariot from the anime is coming to town!

12. Jougasaki Sisters

From Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, Jougasaki sisters make their entrance. Only ordered the big sister though ❤

and some other figmas that I haven’t got the pictures of are:

  • – Figma Shimakaze (Kancolle)
  • – Figma Casca (Berserk)
  • – Figma Archetype 2: SHE (Clear)
  • – Figma Uno Uzume (Fantasista Doll)

I think that’s about all, I will add more later on if there’s some changes, this wonfes really got me excited, thanks to Archer 😀

This is sleep deprived Signum, over and out!