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Following the success of BRS, Deadmaster and Black Gold Saw, here comes the last of the quartet, Strength, or we liked to call it short, STR. Here’s Signum with the news.

o0530044712611689408As expected, STR comes with none other than a pair of Ogre Arms, her signature weapon from the series which looks really cool. Though it seems like, that no other accessories are included, I guess all the production cost went to those gigantic arms of her.

o0530041212611689628STR comes with a new hoodie design, the collar is definitely bigger, almost thrice it’s predecessor at least. Though on the other hand, her dress keeps getting smaller by few sizes I think, it shows more skin than it should on the OVA. I wonder if it can be casted off like the OVA version.

o0530054112611689409The Ogre Arm looks great, this also had a nice upgrade from the old ones. The design is sleek looking and it also has more variety compared to the plain OVA version. Also the fingers can be moved individually making it a great piece to toy with.

o0530038312611689410It’s either you need to buy 2 figmas so you’ll get 2 stands to support the arms or you’ll need to salvage from your other figmas. Though buying 2 STRs will probably benefit you, I’ll talk about it later.

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STR comes with 3 faceplates, the “normal” faceplates are the ones you see from the beginning. The second faceplate is the “grinning” faceplate as you can see from the 1st picture, it’s quite scary actually. Last but not least is the “crazy” faceplate, or angry, though it’s more like she’s going nuts with power so let’s stick with crazy for now.


Now this is why I told you that buying 2 STRs will be worth your dough. From what I can gather (or what google translate told me) that a part for combining her ogre arms to reproduce the 4-armed state is included. So, not only you will need another stand for STR but you will need another pair of Ogre Arms!

Well played MF, very well played.

Alright, the last news for today is the price tag for STR, some of you might wander if it’s the same as her predecessor, or probably spiked up to 5000 yen! But it actually is…..


5800 yen including tax (excluding shipping fees)! \ 😀 / Prepare your wallet, she will come in around January 2014 to, of course, rape your wallet. 2 STRs will cost you around ten thousand yen, but that 4-armed mode is probably awesome (haven’t watched the series yet). This is Signum, over and out!

Source: http://ameblo.jp/figma/entry-11573695162.html