From the acclaimed anime series Steins;Gate (I admit that I can’t understand the series though, so I drop on episode 4…), comes the mad scientist, Okabe Rintarou, the main character himself.


If you don’t know, he’s called Okarin, a truly geek to boot. Well, even I think his using slipper is weird…


Aside from normal facial, here is impatience face, and comes with mobile phone as accesories


And comes with the.. gun? Really, you won’t think that thing works, right?
And if you think slipper is not good, here is the replacement


Figma Okabe Rintarou will be available in December this year

Official link: Goodsmile


Sorry, I forgot, but as you see, there is another accessories comes with, which is not to be worn by Okarin, here is one of the gadget (no.12 presumely) that could be worn by Makise Kurise (white coat edition). So, yeah, need to pair them up

! And another note, got from Figma Blog, that on December figma Makise Kurise will be re-sale too (not the white coat though).