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First thing first, let me catch my breath.

Hello everyone! This is Signum, here to bring you a rather, surprising, exciting and unbelievably unexpected news! It’s here! Archer is being reworked on by GSC and whoever has been following Figma’s journey from the start, or somewhere on 2010 when this baby’s prototype is being exhibited on Figma’s showcase on Wonder Festival, but it is then gone, forgotten and we all believed that it has been swept under the rug by MF.


According to this tweet by @kupo_wut, Archer is being reworked on, or that’s what he gets from the wording!


Archer has been MIA for 3, THREE years now, and thanks to this, he will see the light! I have got to pre-order this on the dot. I just have to, no excuses. No more pretending that Shirou (Emiya) is the real Archer Figma anymore, we’ll have the REAL Archer.

The news from Plastikitty has it that they too, just announced Figma Chariot from BRS series.

The prospect of having Archer Figma really thrills me and here, 2AM GMT+7, I still can’t sleep due to the excitement! After Archer release I am also expecting something like Gilgamesh Figma or Rider from Fate Zero, or probably Karen from Hollow Ataraxia. Fate series has a lot of character to be made of, and they’re equally awesome. But archer is double awesome!

That’s it for today, see you next time!


it’s about time

edit: 50th POSTS! And it just has to be Archer! 😀