Thank you for all your partisipation for the poll of Figma of 2012!

I guess it’s not too surprising that figma Insane Black Rock Shooter takes the lead with a big difference then the rest. The fact that this figma is the one having most expensive price tag makes it easier even for me to place a vote on her.


So, here it is, figma Insane Black Rock Shooter as the Figma of 2012, chosen by our readers’ poll

Next, for the Runner Up…


Another iteration of Black Rock Shooter, figma Black Rock Shooter TV Version takes the place for the second best figma of 2012. I guess Black Rock Shooter never short of praise no matter how many iteration she has.

And the next one, the third place is…


Coming from the tragedy of anime (once a critically acclaimed yet many left not satisfied in the end) Guilty Crown, figma Yuzuriha Inori takes her place on the third. I personally like more than her visually, yet also her character in the anime, and of course the seiyuu, Kayano Ai-san.

So, there it is, thank you for all your participation, our dear readers and voters. And the rest of all votes are as follow:

figma Insane Black Rock Shooter (18%)
figma Black Rock Shooter : TV ANIMATION ver. (10%)
figma Inori Yuzuriha (9%)

figma Tsubasa Kazanari (8%)
figma Karen Araragi (7%)
figma Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois (6%)
figma Saber: Zero ver. (6%)
figma Hibiki Tachibana (6%)
figma Sunred (6%)
figma Drossel (Charming) (5%)
figma Black Lotus (5%)
figma archetype: flesh color ver. (4%)
figma Link (3%)
figma Homura Akemi : School Uniform ver. (3%)
figma Tsubasa Hanekawa (2%)
figma Index (1%)

Other answer… (1%)
figma Samus Aran
figma reika

This year, I personally wait for the duo-main character of Sword Art Online, how about you then?