Hi everyone, back again with me DoomNation for another review of a figma. After such a long time, I’ve finally got a new one to play with. I passed on a lot of releases of figma due to the lack of interest on my behalf, so this one is around 4-5 months from my last one. This site opened a booth at the last AFAID as you can see, and I’m hoping for new viewers in this site who just knew our community. Thanks to our great members, opening up a booth at an event such as that were made possible. Let’s just begin the usual stuff, and do please enjoy my review!

The Character :

Sanya is one of the young witch from Orussia (Russia in our world) in the show Strike Witches. She is a witch capable of fighting at night, which explains why she is a shown as a very sleepy girl in the show due to her nature. Her familiar is a black cat with an ability for a magic antenna enabling her radio transmission capability. She is one of the 501st Joint Fighter and based on Russian flying ace Lydia V. Litvyak.

Depiction of her from “What If” universe taken from http://strikewitches.wikia.com/wiki/Sanya_V._Litvyak

The Box :

Since it’s been such a long time after I’ve opened a box this mint, I might as well take some photo!

The Contents :

There is not to many stuffs included inside, probably due to the size of the stuff she is given. It took too much real estate inside the box! Inside you’ll get :

  • 1 Pair of MiG60 strike unit
  • 1 Fliegerhammer
  • 1 Black Cat tail
  • 1 Bangs with black cat ears
  • 1 Pair of magic antenna with clear hair band
  • 1 Pair of magic propeller effect
  • 1 Pair of magic propeller in motion effect
  • 4 rockets with 4 of its effect parts
  • 3 Faceplates
  • 6 Pairs of various hands
  • 1 Hardened lower body part

A closer look at Sanya’s Fliegerhammer, a modified version of Fliegerfaust.

Propeller effect in motion, notice the faint blue paint to simulate the propeller.

Motionless propeller effect

Sanya’s black cat tail, the end is ball-shaped so you can move it around

Rockets are detachable from its effect parts, adding an extra depth to the package

Magic antenna part in use

Everything you see here are detachable..

Hardened lower body part, for use in poses that are a bit risque due to the considerable weight of the striker unit.

The Faceplates :

The faceplates are normal and don’t seem to be anything special in my opinion. The normal face is cute though.

The normal face

Closed eyes, for the magic antenna face

Serious fighting face

The Sculpt and Painting

The sculpt was done very well, they are detailed and as usual the parts that should be soft are made of soft PVC such as the skirt and tail end of the dress. Small details are sculpted very well, as what you can expect from a figma.

Soft PVC on the tail end of the dress

Nice detail of the pouch and soft PVC for the skirt as usual

Nice painting detail, I dunno if how small the printer is to make these symbols on the tie and badge.

The markings are well made, markings are very important in any militaristic equipment!

Major paint transfer problem

In my figure, I dunno what happened but as soon as I tried putting the Fliegerhammer on her hands, there are pain transfers everywhere. I think from all of my figmas this is the worst case that has ever happened to me. I don’t know what to do to clean this, but it does made my figure a turn off. So anyone who bought this, it might not happen to you but just be careful. You can’t never be too careful.

The Size

She is definitely small and petite, but she is not the smallest of her class. Homura is still my shortest and smallest figma, even though Sanya is only a few milimeters apart.

Sanya is short but not the shortest!

But with her striker unit, she is massive.

Final Words

I’m not gonna drag this any longer, all I can say that this one is an okay figure. Definitely not everyone’s cuppa tea, but if you love the character it doesn’t hurt to get this one. I’ve had my sight for this time for a long time, and it would probably be one of the two strike witches character that I’ll get (You know who is the other one). By the way, the effect parts and the striker units are extremely exploitable. I’ve got some picture of it

“Whoa, a wild crow appeared! Shoot it down!”

“Ack, these are homing missiles and it’s harassing me!”

“You don’t mess with Gensokyo’s fastest little miss! Payback’s a b*#@h!” lol

I dunno why, but I just love Aya’s trololo face. It seems natural for her.

That is it for my version of the review. You guys know it’s a bit late for her review, but no worries there. Thanks for reading, I wish I could do more photos but she’s really hard to pose and it’s exhausting plus time consuming! I’m beat!

I’m DoomNation over and out!