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Hello everyone, this is Signum here and today I hope I’m not that late in reporting in for one of the most anticipated event of the year, AFA ID 2012. As most of you know (you SHOULD know), AFA stands for Anime Festival Asia and it was held for the first time ever in Indonesia (my home country) this year. I was excited, as much as the otaku next to me to know that our country will finally be the home of one of the biggest Japanese culture event of the year.

AFA consists of various Japanese Cultures, for example we have lots of Anisong Singer and Band like Bless 4 and Stereopony, famous cosplayers like KANAME and Akatsuki Tsubasa, Culture Japan’s Danny Choo is always there and last but not least, we have GSC’s booth (with Aki Takanori, the president himself on the site!), where our money gathered and our souls went.

This blog will be talking mainly about the AFA ID itself, as I forgotdidn’t take that much photos from our own booth. Yeah, sue me. No worries though that area will be covered by Bakanki and J-Strife. It will be about the event itself in general so don’t expect much of our own booth in this writing but please, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as usual.

Anki’s Report@figure.fm: http://www.figure.fm/post/en/42703/Figmania+Booth+on+AFA+ID+2012.html

IMG-20120901-00653The view of the front entrance, yes blocked by me.

IMG-20120901-00652The queue for the ticket, clearly that I am glad that I don’t have to buy one since I own the exhibitor pass.

I should have fun, I did have MY fun but I dont think many will share the same opinion as myself. The event was held on Jakarta International EXPO, it’s one of the biggest venue in Jakarta, BUT why they had to put the event itself on only 2 halls surprised me, and the halls weren’t the biggest in the complex itself. From the information that I’ve received, it’s only a quarter of the size of AFA SG’s venue which is stunning remembering Jakarta and Singapore is roughly the same. I blame the Event Organizer for this mishap since they probably underestimated the amount of Japanese Culture fans at Indonesia.

I have my own complaints about the stands, some are completely irrelevant to the AFA’s spirit like Gatsby and Indosat (local multimedia service provider) and it’s on par or bigger than some of the best stands like GSC’s and Culture Japan’s. Then again, they’re the sponsors and without their help I don’t think this event would happen. Bandai also didn’t make it to Jakarta and taken over by the local stores instead. The floor also isn’t finished well, there’re no sufficient carpet to cover the whole venue. The list goes on but I have to probably forgive them remembering that this is the first event held by a new Event Organizer.

But let’s stop the grieving now (I hope) and move on to the event itself. I’ve waited for this for a long time now, but what I’ve anticipated the most is the GSC and Culture Japan’s booth, they will have lots of coverage compared to the other booths.

This is the map for the event, Figmania located on the left hand side of the map, across Bandai’s booth. We have quite huge space in front of us and it’s a fortune to us since we need the space to breathe and live. Our space is a little but cozy 3×3 meter booth with 6 chairs and 3 tables (Thanks to Mr. Randy ChooAldjurnawan for most of them) and lots of Acrylic boxes by J-Strife and Divinelight, Mr Wikan Prabowo (C-mon) also helped with his astonishing display of Touhou Figma and… Bathroom display. I also have to thanked everyone who helped in this event, without you guys, this isn’t possible!



This is how our booth look, taken on day 1 when the banners are all complete. We do encounter a little bit of problem when the banners aren’t done on time by the printing service, but in the end we manage to display all the banners in the morning just before the grand opening. We have 3 X-Banners and A large horizontal banner, all of the banners consist of probably our favorite figmas, the pictures from previous exhibition and photo contest. Again, I have to apologize for the lack of our own booth photos since I don’t have that much time with all my friends around, well, you catch the drift :).


Let’s get to the main event which is GSC and CJ booth, let’s start with GSC. GSC had a nice nifty booth, not too small but even when it’s not the biggest, it’s still the most enticing booth for me from the various booth to choose from. They had previews of the upcoming Racing Miku 2012 and Miku Dayo from nendoroid line. They also brought in with them a full set of vocaloid nendoroid on yen price, which is good since the shipping is what makes me want to kill myself.


There’re lots of figures from GSC booth, both new and old figures. Some old figures like Vocaloid nendoroids and some new figures like the prototype of Racing Miku 2012 as stated before and Miku Kimono Nendoroid! They also opened a pre-order request which they will send the goodies right in front of your doorstep later on. Wipe your drool man 🙂 Although most of it are dominated by Nendos and not figma, but boy have I ever this glad attending an event before? Nope.

  DSC01321 DSC01322
DSC01325 DSC01327
DSC01328 DSC01329
DSC01330 DSC01332
DSC01333 DSC01334
DSC01335 DSC01336
DSC01339 DSC01340
DSC01342 DSC01343
DSC01345 DSC01351
DSC01337 DSC01338
DSC01341 DSC01344
DSC01346 DSC01347
DSC01348 DSC01350
DSC01352 DSC01355
DSC01354 DSC01353
DSC01349 DSC01356
DSC01360 DSC01359
DSC01357 DSC01361
DSC01363 DSC01362
DSC01358 DSC01414
DSC01411 DSC01410

There’re no limited item sold specially for AFA ID 2012, but as you can see, there’s a  sale of the unreleased Vocaloid strap. It scheduled to release in about a month from now on but you can get them on the event.

Let’s move on to CJ booth, it’s quite cramped, I’d must say. The space is probably too small to handle since it’s always loaded with people at rush hour (So as our booth 😀). It has few previews of new Mirai Millenium characters and lots of moekana cards. There’s also the famous Mirai itasha that the pictures have been shared a lot lately.

Few custom Mirais are there, actually they’re not really custom, just a plain head swap. But I dig the Makise one a lot, she looks pretty on seifuku. Mirai Dollfie and Danny Choo Trooper was also there.


DSC01420 DSC01421
DSC01422 DSC01423
DSC01424 DSC01426
DSC01427 DSC01443
DSC01442 DSC01441
DSC01448 DSC01447
DSC01449 DSC01444
DSC01451 DSC01452
DSC01453 DSC01456
DSC01457 DSC01455

The following photos are the photos from the booths that I’ve shot, I’m sorry that they aren’t much of coverage since I don’t really have this luxury called time (and space):

DSC01316 DSC01396
DSC01394 DSC01395
DSC01387 DSC01388
DSC01383 DSC01384
DSC01380 DSC01377
DSC01374 DSC01373
DSC01372 DSC01369

There’s a time when we were preparing the stand a day before the event held, Aki Takanori, the boss of GSC come visit us at the stand. He was (probably) impressed with our presentation. He even take few pictures with us and introduce us with his staffs before he left.

After Aki Shachou we also manage to get our photos taken with Danny Choo. It’s my first time meeting him in person and he’s even kinder in person than what I was looking at in the internet. It was a pleasure meeting with you, but it’s a pity that I can’t talk much since the crowd is overwhelming.

Then before we packed our booth, Go Suzuki-San from Good Smile Sales Dept, you might want to take a guess why he’s there 😀

Oh, Hard Gay also comes and take a shot with us, surely he isn’t Razor Ramon the real HG but I’d say he manage to impersonate the said superstar until 90 percent-ish.

After all the failures and mishap that this AFA has done, I still think it’s a pretty good event considering it’s the first time they held it here. Even when there’re some people that didn’t agree with me. The venue size and massive crowd has always been the main problems. I didn’t foresee this human flood coming so I didn’t prepare anything like extra fan electric fan. Food and drink was also a problem when you have no convenient store nearby but luckily we found a convenient store conveniently located about 200ish meter from the entrance. Oh and we found Yoshinoya near there too, I am glad I can chow down on these!

IMG-20120901-00654I hope I can report better next time with better camera and grammar haha.

I think that’s all for the report, I hope you enjoyed your read and please support AFA ID 2013. We still have some more members that are afraid or too shy to get to know us personally, please, we’re not scary, we love ponies and rainbows too! We will wait for your visit, so until then, See ya! 😀