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Hi everyone, as usual I’m DoomNation giving out another random review. Some of you guys are probably wondering why on earth I’m doing a review of an outdated figure that was released years ago. Well, look no further because it does fit the occasion of the current news which is the re-release of this figma! You can look it up for more info at : http://www.goodsmile.info/.

It is my duty to ‘persuade’ others who are still wondering should they take this amazing figure or not. Consider yourselves lucky because you’ve been given a second chance! The re-release would meant a significant drop in the price of this figma even though it’s a Japan only exclusive.

Now, without further ado shall we start ?

The Character :

Reimu is one of the characters from the famed bullet hell game line Touhou made by ZUN. She is supposedly a powerful miiko that exterminates various youkai that lives within her world named Gensokyo. She is usually portrayed together with her friend Marisa Kirisame in many doujin circles and any other publication about touhou project. I’m too lazy so google the rest will ya?


The Box :

It’s a long rectangular figma box which means more accessories inside.

Back view

Side view

The Contents :

The accessories are mostly small and trivial, the big one is only Reimu’s broom. It does contain all items that are usually associated to her.

Inside you’ll find :

  • 9 pieces of various shaped hands
  • 2 pieces of Spellcard holding hands (1 card and 3 cards variant)
  • 1 piece of hand holding a plate
  • 1 bottle of sake
  • 1 exorcism cane / gohei
  • 1 Japanese tea cup
  • 3 faceplates
  • 1 broomstick
  • 2 sake stickers

The drinking equipments

The sticker for the sake bottle and I’m not gonna use it. Just scan it!

Spellcard hand & Exorcism cane / gohei

detailed look of the gohei

Spanner in the works

The Faceplates

There are 3 faceplates included, they are the happy, normal, and the serious face. In my opinion they are all well made and reflects the nature of the character, the best one is the serious battle face. Serious but not too cheesy.

Normal face

Serious battle face

Happy / drunk face

The Sculpt and Painting 

This is the part that I think stands out against the rest of the other figmas, her sculpt is simply amazing and full of little small details. The painting is extraordinary, leaving her littered with beautiful uniformed pattern with colors contrasted to what its on. Kudos to the painter because it would take a lot of hours if it’s me, even though there are some slight paint mistake.

Sculpting of the accessories are also well made as you’ve had seen earlier, except the broomstick……

Reimu’s broom is a lil’ bit smaller than Marisa’s. That’s my only complain!

Full body view

Average detail of Reimu’s Sarashi, there are no lines to replicate the bandage like looks.

Also another great detail showing Reimu’s bow and great painting on her collar as well

The little things ~such as this small bow~ are why Reimu’s sculpt is such a good one

One of my favorite part of the figure, double layered skirt with a uniformed pattern all around it

The bloomers are also well detailed and filled with creases. This picture is underlit and obscured in some area for a reason!

The big bow on her head is littered with genuine creases and the same pattern

A movable ponytail sure is a great addition and cute as well. Notice the bow’s two small dangling feature full of pattern.

The backside is not forgotten, with patterns all over and decorated with great collar design and creases

This one is showing Reimu’s oddly small navel and her small body. I dunno about the scale, but it is a very small body even for a young human.

A bit of paintjob mishap on Reimu’s hair tube. Small but fortunately not too noticeable.

The Size 

This figure is a figure of a very petite young girl, so obviously it would be rather small in height. Small body with big face and eyes seems to be a common concept of any kind of anime or manga.

A very small figma, lower than average height. This one is compared with my tallest figma by body height (not overall height that includes accessories)

The Articulation

Articulation on the upper body section of the figure works perfectly fine, complemented with another feature of moving poytail it is good. The detached sleeves also made the arm articulation fairly easy, but the big wavy sleeves did obstruct some movement.

The lower part of the body seems a bit heavier than the rest making the whole figure unbalanced. The rock-hard skirt also constrict feet movement of the figure. It is acceptable and I think that the designers had no other choice for the design of the skirt.

Great skirt design with free-flowing looks were made at the expense of feet movement through rock-hard skirt.

Final words 
This figure is good in every way and from every possible angle, so it is a must get! It really fit the price tag for foreigners like us outside Japan due to the amount of detail and accessories given to us. Fans of the game or someone who like the design of Touhou project characters should pick it up no worries whatsoever.

For those who’ve had been looking for a reasonable price of this figure for a long time, rejoice! Because you’ve been given a second chance for this one, with more of it coming to the market prices would be affordable as usual. I snapped this one last year at the market price so shame on you!

This picture does not encourage drunkenness or any sort of underage alcoholic consumption. DON’T drink-drive, drink-fly, drink-danmaku IF you are below the legal age. You have been warned!

Some of the photos are below par and some underlit as well, all of it unadulterate pure photos straight from the camera itself. Got no time to do anything, so excuse me. Just give me some input and criticism in the comments below!

I’m still hoping for another release of figma from the Touhou project line, like Yukari, Alice, Remilia, Sanae and the others. Let’s hope GSC and MF are still not done from Touhou.

All the best, I’m DoomNation over and out!