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Hello everyone, it’s Signum here and I’ve finally gathered enough will to do this review, or time probably. Today I’ll review one of the newest Figma released by Max Factory, Phantasmoon. It was released probably 3 weeks ago (as the news stated, it was on 16th of May) and I finally get to ravish her last night 🙂


A little bit about Phantasmoon, It is basically Arcueid from Carnival Phantasm (originally from Shingetsutan Tsukihime series) who transforms into a magical girl. The series are originated from a Type Moon doujin by Eri Takanashi titled Take Moon.

The OVA series was created by Type-Moon to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. The series focuses on funny and absurd situations happening to the various characters of the Type-Moon franchises mostly from Fate/stay night and Tsukihime.

Thanks wikipedia 🙂 The series consists of all Type Moon characters, mashed up and formed a gag anime that would tip you off your feet, laughing, whether you’re a Type Moon fans or not. But it is recommended that you at least knows the characters and their basics since it would make it easier to understand the jokes. Oh and have I told you that the opening is so catchy I’ve repeated it countless times while writing this review? 😀

Let’s start with the review shall we?

The Review


It does resemble Phantasmoon nicely, with glittery stuff and all that magical girl thingie. I kind of forgetting about what magical girls are, I think Nanoha series have  ruined me to the extent that magical girl has to go with big bazookas and swords, explosions everywhere and not to mention, befriend everyone.

   DSC07109 DSC07113

Quick look at the side of the box featuring her signature pose when she’s transforming and a good look at the promotion pictures on the back as usual. I don’t have any high hopes for this figma since I bought it on impulse when I watched the series. It’s good actually, because I’m about to be blown off by her.


The insides are wrapped nicely as MF would do to their Figmas, the lack of accessories is to be expected though, at least I’m happy with how well endowed she looks even outside the blister.

“That’s not a lot” “I know, shut up”

Here’s the breakdown, you’ll get:

  • A Phantasmoon Figma
  • A Phantasm Rod
  • 2 Extra Faceplates (Angry and Wink)
  • 2 Stands for her Bats(?)
  • A plate of Mabo tofu, which of course stuck to a default hand
  • A set of Bats(?) and Phantasm Rod effect
  • A set of hands



I kinda love how Max is so generous with the hands this time, they gave us about 6 pair of Hands excluding(!) the defaults and all is in different kinds of hands. It struck me nicely on the early stages of the review, I see you’ve made me glad I bought her already.

DSC07131 DSC07134
DSC07129 DSC07133
DSC07136 DSC07147

The details on this figma is A-Mazing! I love how clean the white is (I hope it stays that way) and how clean the gold finish on her dress. Not to mention those little bits like her hair ornament and her choker. The choker are made from rubber instead of soft plastic so you can wiggle it around without obstructing her movement.

She’s pretty :3

  DSC07158 DSC07159

The Mabo Tofu looks like brains, I don’t know, I used to like them but looking at this dish I might puke if I ever encounter one.

Yes Arc, please throw that away, I don’t want to see it near me


DSC07176 DSC07181
DSC07190 DSC07187


I’m sorry about some overexposed photos but as you can see, it’s easy to work around with her. Her dress is not obstructing any of the moves, her faceplates are amazingly detailed and expressive. The amount of hands given also gives you more option to play with. She’s already attractive to begin with, unless you’re a colossal idiot, you can never go wrong with her.

DSC07214 DSC07211
I dont know what these bats are and what they’re for, I’ll just leave them here for the moment 🙂

DSC07173 DSC07196 DSC07206

She’s so fun to play with I won’t bother resizing these last photos, it’s all for your enjoyment to see and how attractive she is. It’s a pity that none of her friends from Carnival Phantasm series will be released, or at least from Tsukihime series. Figured it is an old series and it probably lose in terms of popularity with these new series but hey! There’s no harm in hoping right.

Though wishing for something like Tsukihime Figma would be as futile as hoping Archer would be released sometime soon. Where’s my Archer MF, WHERE!

Hey! I just met you~
And this is crazy!~

But here’s my boobs~

So love me maybe?~

I would Arc, I would, you don’t have to ask.

And with that song ended, it means that this review is coming to an end. I am sorry I couldn’t include all the photos I took, else the review would be much longer than this. I can’t express how happy I am with her. Putting aside her minor flaws like…. I don’t think she has any though. That’s exactly why this Figma is the bang for your bucks.

Final Verdict:

  • The Packaging: 8.0
    Normal packaging, solid and no wasted spaces
  • The Figure: 10.0
    TONS of FUN will she lay upon your purchase
  • The Playability: 9.0
    Nothing hinders the way, even her skirt are made softer than the usual
  • The Details: 9.0
    Excellent details are provided, I commend you Max
  • The Price: 9.0
    You’ll blow yourself away 🙂

It is unbelievably high I would rate a Figma, never before I have experienced this much happiness with only one Figma. Although the limited accessories given and it’s the only one from the series, it seriously FUN to play with. Nothing obstructed the way she moves, I can probably throw her and she will fly who knows. I just can’t stop smiling and looking dumb while capturing her smile on the camera.

Alright guys, that’s it for today I’ll see you on another review whenever I have that thing called time. I know I still owe a Kos Mos Figma Review but I don’t know, it’s probably too late to review her now? Haha. This is Signum, over and out!

DSC07219Bye bye ❤

I need to revamp my mini studio T___T