Hello guys, Raisenclaws’s here, an average figma enthusiast and somewhat is a newbie here ;p. I want to share one of my favourite figma with you all, it’s Figma #111 Kamijou Touma. In spite of almost his friends  are limited or bundled, Max Factory is being kind to release Touma as a regular one.

For you who haven’t ever seen this character, I’ll do a brief introduction about Kamijo Touma. He’s the main protagonist in anime titled “ Toaru Majutsu no Index “. Having a background of somewhat a lazy kid because of his lack of power in Academic City, where science is worshipped above all, Touma actually is a really nice guy who helps anyone and the “ I won’t let anyone get hurt “ type. Because of his nice personalities, it’s somehow became a magnet for girls in the series ( those who watched know what I mean ). Touma also known for his famous catchphrase “ Fukou da “ which translates into “ Such a misfortune “, derived from his bad timing with anything which caused him to suffer things throughout the series.  Anyway, let’s just skip the chit chat and go straight to the review shall we.

The main package :

main package

As usual, the small sized but compact figma  box design with some magic circle, distinct to the show.

Touma comes with :


  • 2 extra faceplate, a shouting face and a scared face
  • 10 extra hands
  • 1 schoolbag
  • 1 “ breaking  “ effect part
  • 1 “deflecting “ effect part
  • 1 figma stand including the base
  • 1 plastic bag to keep the parts and even the figure

Sadly to say, it’s a common thing for male figmas to come in such a short range of accessory compared to their female counterpart. But it’s not an issue here isn’t ?

Posture :


As you can see, Touma is quite tall compared to standard female figmas but somewhat are in the same height if compared with other male figmas

Front view  :


Back view :


Left side view :


Right side view :


Default faceplate :


The gloomy yet somewhat cool aura emanates from this faceplate.

Shouting faceplate:


Shouting face to be used with effect parts or other “action packed” scene.

Scared faceplate:


This one gonna make Touma became one of the “bulliable” male figma out there.

Effect parts in action !!



Carrying the schoolbag :


Action time !!!

With figma Index :





There’s some problem with arm range as well as other figmas, but it’ll suffice unless you want to do extreme poses.


Overall the articulation is as fantastic as any other figma

Well, that’s almost everything I can tell you guys from this figma series, I hope it’s not boring or even too fast for you to follow. Please forgive any mistakes and misbehaviour I’ve made during this short review, hopefully in the future I might be able to make a better review as this one is my first.

Thank you for reading 😀

nb: bonus pics