Hello everyone, I hope all of you is doing well, and now we meet again with me,  Signum with a double portion of your news today! Let’s start with the re-release of 2 Madoka Figmas!

It’s been awhile since GSC’s 10th anniversary and as you might’ve known that they’re offering us a chance to get some of their products to be re-released. I’m not surprised with the top 10 results, as I would be all over that 2012’s Racing Miku (dat body is tight!) and Saber Lily (I have a soft spot for ponytail). I’m eagerly waiting for the announcement, crossing all my fingers for either two of them BUT as stated by Mikatan here, 2 of the previous Madoka Figmas are going to be re-released, it’s Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura.

I didn’t see that coming, no Sir, I did not. I mean, not only Sayaka placed 26th on the re-release list but Kyouko wasn’t even on the top 50! Why in the world would they pick them! I know they’re a company and probably saying “Hey, let’s milk more of them Madoka Figmas, derp!“. I can’t flip my table as all of my figurines are there and probably it’s the popularity of the character that is being the deciding factor. Oh well, rejoice madoka fans!

There’s one other thing that excites me from the results, is the “New Product Results” which you can see below, Archer is on the list, he’s #2 just after KAITO from Vocaloid. People haven’t forgotten about him and THIS TIME I BEG YOU MF, MAKE IT TRUE! I’ve been waiting for him for years now, and yet you keep releasing Billy (Herringtons)!

For the next news, finally we have a preview for T-elos from Xenosaga! Ameblo has previews for the new tanned Figma, and she looks HOT!

Sporting a skimpier outfit than KosMos and tanned skin, T-elos is looking HAWT with dem delicious thigh. Not to mention, she doesn’t wear any skirt, makes it better for your eyes. Although I have to admit, KosMos still has the better bottom.

I like that stiletto, it’s sexy and shiny. I don’t see it will have the same amount of accessories KosMos have though, no signs of Gatlings or other gigantic stuffs, I am hoping that the price would do her justice. From the accessories, we’ll get a beam effect parts and of course, “LOOK AT MY BREAST” part is included.

release the krak.. I mean boobs!

Well, there you have it, I wonder if GSC will actually re-release both Isayama Yomi and Tsuchimiya Kagura, they’re quite scarce these days and having them re-released will surely upset the market. Though many new collectors will be happy about it and hoarders will hoard for sure.

That is all for now, this is Signum, over and out! 🙂