Hello everyone, it’s Signum on Figmania news and here we are with the new release from Max Factory (it’s a wonder that they are actually on time right now), Arcueid Brunestud in her Magical Girl uniform, from the popular OVA series of Carnival Phantasm, Max Factory presents you, Figma Phantasmoon.

I just can’t help to smile, looking at her smile, while smiling inside waiting for the smiling mailman delivered it to my house :).

She comes with these accessories shown below, mostly for her attacks and I can’t recall either which episode she uses the bats nor what she used it for haha.

Along with her Phantasm Rod, also included an effect parts, and it looks like it’s going to be snuggly fit into the rod.

WHAT IS THIS! Which of course I can’t remember when or where or what or how or why she uses it for.

Last but not least, a plate of mabo tofu, it’s a dish from Japan India (as corrected by Max, thanks!), from what I’ve heard it’s like a spicy tofu dish with some grinded beef. It looks tasty and Kotomine seems to love them.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading and have a good day everyone!