Hey guys, and gals of course, as you can see, we’re probably:3 finally up and running again. After a long hiatus and lots of works done I think we’re ready for another round of blogging. I’ll let Divine handle the welcoming party :3.

It’s Signum on the scene and I’m going to bring some news for you, probably outdated but it’s always better to be late than never at all. First up is Tachibana Hibiki from Senki Zessho Symphogear.

A nifty effect parts included for reenactment purpose. Hibiki also supports 4 faceplates as you can see on the gallery later. Usually Figma only gave 3 at maximum but you’ll get 4 with Hibiki purchase.

A full gallery of Hibiki Tachibana can be viewed on Good Smile website here

Secondly, we have my 2nd most favorite character from Bakemonogatari which is Hanekawa Tsubasa which of course making our Gallery caretaker reaper13th head over heels for her.

Max Factory is pretty generous this time, they give us 3 alternative hairs and 3 faceplates! This is unusual, I might be tempted to get this one myself. I also can’t get that short haired Hanekawa (which shown on Nisemonogatari) from my head, I like her better on short hair than braided long hair. But of course, her look as Tsubasa Neko on pajamas are the one suited her breasts… I mean BEST!!


A full gallery of Hanekawa can be viewed on Good Smile website here

Last but not least is Silver Crow from Accel World. I love the accessories and of course I want that wing that it comes with!

A full gallery of Silver Crow can be viewed on Good Smile website here

As you might have guessed from the news above, I haven’t watched both Symphogear and Accel World hence the lack of information and coverage on both subjects, I’m sorry about that but I’ll make sure I’ll dig up more information about them next time I’ve to cover the news.

Both Hanekawa and Hibiki will go on sale with retail price of 3500 Yen, while Silver Crow will be tagged with 3200 Yen price tag. This is Signum, over and out.