Hello everybody! I’m DoomNation and back again for a late review of my latest figma -that I got a couple of weeks ago- from the eroge Sengoku Rance. It’s the great general Uesugi Kenshin! I personally never played the game and don’t know how to get it either, but I really love figures with armor on them especially if it is a girl! I don’t know much about the character, so feel free to enlighten me.

I seriously love the design of this Uesugi Kenshin since the first time I’ve had seen her in a PVC form made by FREEing. It is always a mystery how Max Factory chooses which character they wish to make next and a shock indeed when they announce this one. My wish for it to be made into a more affordable and SFW form has been granted and now I can start reviewing it!

“Better Late Than Never”

The Character :

As I said earlier, please do enlighten me on her. All I know is that she is supposed to a genderbended parody of a real life Japanese general with the same name. I’ve never played the Sengoku Rance game or its other series, so I never know her personality or the way she talks. I just admire the design of the character.

The Box :

Breaking the habit, there are no box review cause I just can’t wait taking her out of the box! Literally!

Oh what the hell, here’s the front view of the box…. but that’s it!

The Contents :

This figma have some interesting accessories included in it, and it is also absolutely well-made. Inside you’ll find :

  • 3 Faceplates
  • 2 Bangs for her hair
  • 5 pair of hands
  • 1 Katana
  • 1 Katana with effect
  • 1 Sheath and a separate Katana Grip
  • 1 Small Katana
  • 1 Big Onigiri
  • 1 Set of Stand and Base as usual

Weird bangs for putting on the warlord helmet

Normal bangs for normal outings

There are only 2 bangs available, but the bangs for the helmet is very ridiculous. The good thing about this it that it held the helmet securely on top of her head. My complaint is the bangs are too loose in the head that when you move the figure for a bit the bangs came off, and off goes the helmet as well.

The Shiny Warlord Helmet of Uesugi Kenshin (SWHUK)

Sheath and Katana Grip, ONLY the grip….

A closer look at the sheath

The sheath is quite long and well equipped with a false grip, meaning you don’t need to actually sheath the actual katana given. The transparent thingy on the sheath is for hanging the sheath onto Uesugi’s hip armor.

The hip armor with a spot to put the sheath

As you can see I had placed a blu-tack inside the hole where the sheath attaches itself because it’s too loose. The transparent thingy from the sheath doesn’t fit snuggly with the hole leaving it very loose and coming off every time. The blu-tack just helped it to stick a lil’ bit longer.

The Giant Onigiri in perspective

The giant onigiri is a quite trivial accessories for me, probably fit as war rations? or Uesugi just have a very big appetite. References are welcome people!

Katana without effect

The Katana with effect

The katana is also well-made, very long with a slender sleek design. It’s not as chunky as other katana (who am I to judge?) which is great. The effect also looked nice with some color gradation offering a bit of transparency as well. Very nice for posing and/or photoshoot with other figures.

Now on to my favorite accessories

The small wooden grip katana…. My favorite!

This is a very novelty accessories for a range of purposes. It looked really sharp yet simple, this knife-like sword can be used for stabbing other figures perfectly! It also looks very like an assassin’s type of weapon (even though normal samurai carries them at ancient time) which is my kind of thing. Shame it lacks any kind of sheath to multiply its epicness.

The Faceplates :

Let’s just get on with it. There are 3 faceplates, and here are their pictures….

Serious Face

Neutral Face

Shy Face

The Paint & Sculpt :

The paint is absolutely perfect and immaculate on my figure, no blemishes, no paint transfers, the whole nine yards. I have no comment cause I’m already a happy boy.

Still acceptable, great paintjob on the red lining tho

Left side view

Right side view

She got double flaps, for covering both front and back of her skirt!

Uesugi in all her glory!

I’m delighted with the sculpt and paint, I’m probably lucky to get a perfect quality controlled figma nowadays. So, three cheers for MF and GSC.

The Size :

She is an average sized figure which is up to scale that she is by no means a little girl nor a monster/cyborg/etc. I dunno about her age, but considering her size -and correct me if I’m wrong- probably 20-28yo. This picture is the usual comparison between my tallest and shortest figma figures.

Size Comparison

The Articulation :

The overall articulation is quite okay, I’ll give it a 3 out of 5. My only complaint is that her arms are really hard to be articulate due to the considerable size of her sleeves, especially the one near the armpits. It really limits the arm movements and the armor on top of it also proved to be cumbersome as well, hitting the long hair and all sorts of stuff. Other than that no complaints from anywhere else. I’ll compromise with the limitation though, because armors are meant to be a bit cumbersome.

Articulated Hairpiece, for making epic wind-gust pose….

An articulated hair seems to be the hype on figmas these days, some came out good some not so good. This one is quite acceptable with soft PVC around the joint to compensate the articulation.

If she can do this, she is quite articulate!!

Final Words

Uesugi Kenshin is a very good figure with a good range of accessories, faceplates, and parts. Good quality painting and sculpt, you would miss out a lot if you skip this bad girl. This is like an asian version of saber from F/SN, besides who don’t like armor-clad girls? They’re both cute and badass rolled into one!

I’ll try to get more random pictures after the end of this review featuring the reviewed girl -if I have the time- and try to persuade you guys to join the club and own her already!

I’m DoomNation, Over and Out!

That’s All Folks!

Sorry if there are any mistakes or bad inadequate inappropriate pictures, Cheers!