Hi everybody, I’m DoomNation and back again to do another personal review of a new figma I just acquired. After a very sleepy end of 2011 and early January of 2012 for this site, I’m back again to put a little bit of life in this site. First I must say a very Happy New Year 2012 for everyone, Happy Chinese New Year too (for anyone who celebrate it), may everyone have a very wonderful year ahead! (quite late for the greetings…)

This figma Sengoku Nadeko was just released this mid January and what can I say, this is surely a very good figure to pick up at such an affordable price for a figurine (at least, compared to the others). And without further ado, just click on the continue to read the whole review!

Shall we begin?

The Character :

Sengoku Nadeko is one of the characters from the Bakemonogatari series, she is one of the girls that Araragi encountered in the arc. In this case she is the main character in the Nadeko snake arc. She is a very shy and uptight girl in the first season of the series, she also becomes one of the crowd favorite in the series.

The Box :

A standard box for a figma figure, nothing really special going on at her box. There is a pattern of snake around the sides though, just to shown her involvement in the series.

The Contents :

Major Accessories

There are some fair amount of accessories included inside figma Nadeko, considering newer figmas have somewhat less items in the box. In the box you will find :

  • 3 Faceplates ( 1 used & 2 spare experessions)
  • 5 pairs of hands
  • 2 pairs of closed hands
  • 1 charm holding hand
  • 2 jackets (normal & windblown)
  • 1 machinist cap
  • 1 small stand plug
  • 1 set of stand and base

The aformentioned machinist cap

The small stand plug is used to put Nadeko’s jacket in place when we don’t want to use the stand. It will keep the jacket in place and the figure would stand on its own.

Notice the clear plastic plug in the middle

The Faceplates :

There are 3 very exciting faceplates that really captured Nadeko’s personality, from a timid face, a happy face, and a normal smiling face. In my opinion, the shy face is very cute and also very exploitable for any kind of scene. It can even show the expression of fear.

Normal Smile Face

Happy Face

Shy / Fear Face

The Figure :

  • Size

The size of the figure is normal size for a small characters, it is not very short nor very tall. The proportion is quite good, and stay true to the show. Below I compare the sizes betwen my shortest figma and one of my tallest figma.

Short to Tall

  • Sculpt

I’ve got to say that Max Factory is getting better at sculpting parts and body of their figures, but sometimes there are some that require quality control. For Nadeko, I’m very happy with the overall take on her character; from the detailed contours of her clothes to the detail of her jacket is sculpted perfectly. MF even managed to make a very sturdy soft PVC for her jacket, and even gave us 2 of them!

You can see the creases of her clothes

The small pouch is not forgotten at all!

Epic jacket sculpt, felt like a marine from One Piece

Left-hand side view

Right-hand side view

Back View

There are also some part for the arm that is not poseable to put Nadeko’s pair of hand that are jointed together. This way the figure can look less jointy and also make a very good variation for the figure, it is probably had the some thinking as figma Makise Kurisu’s crossed hands.

The set for the un-poseable hands

Through these set of hands, it opens up new possibility for a very dramatic and cute poses to be made. The possibility are endless!

Hands in front, looked like praying hands tho

Hands at back, with the palms open and crossed

It can also be exploited to make some crazy scenes such as :

Please don't die!

  •  Articulation

The articulation for Nadeko is very good, since she is using pants instead of long skirts. So, it is very articulate. The rest is the same as other figmas.

I'm fairly articulate!

 Compatibility :

I really like this part because it is the time when we compare whether the accessories can be used on the other figmas. In this case, Nadeko’s jacket is very compatible and can be literally used by everyone! However the hat won’t fit to some other figma, it won’t even fit homura akemi figma.

Please not my Jacket! Proof Aya can use the jacket

Homu2 felt like a boss

The Bakemonogatari casts

I really like this jacket and would probably try it on some of my other figmas to make a more badass look!

Looks like that is everything that I could cover considering my time, sorry there are a lot of words but you don’t have to read it at all. Just enjoy the pics and probably you can try to buy this figma. It is worth the money and recommended for a fan of the series! Don’t miss this one!

That is all folks! Play nice y'all

I’m DoomNation, Over and Out!

@_@ Thank You @_@