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We finally had a chance to do a gathering, since most of us fairly busy with our own stuff to do every other day, until there’s an event which we all love in common, a Toys Fair. Located at the fX Senayan, in Central Jakarta, Indonesia, held by one of the best Toys Event Organizer around, an event called Battle of The Toys 2011 is on. We finally sees this as a chance to meet up again and bring our Figma together. Usually we’re acting like an idiot and bringing something completely irrelevant like gundams or kamen riders, but today we finally get things right.

The rest of the report and the gallery could be found, here:

Signum’s Event Report

I’m also waiting for few more reports from the other members such as 13threaper and Bakanki but for the moment please be satisfied with mine 🙂

my loot :3