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Hey guys, it’s me Signum finally done mustering strength to go on writing again, this time it will be a quite huge of a review with photos provided by one of our member from our Facebook page, Wijaya or we usually called him Jakesons. As always I do the writing since I haven’t had any time for photoshooting any figma lately. (Let alone collecting, I’ve fallen into the abyss of gundams)

Alright let’s move on to the review, today we have the newly released Miku Append, which we all know to be the 100th Figma ever made. Along with the Figma, also included a free headset for every purchase of her, so if you don’t get the headset with her purchase, you’re welcome to sue the seller.

DSC_8164 (Copy)

DSC_8166 (Copy) DSC_8168 (Copy)

Lets start with the box, I am surprised with the size, it’s wide. I expect the box would be the small sized one, the one like Miku #14 and they will use double blister for the accessories but they don’t! They gave us a big, wide box with her twintail spreading across from right to left giving it a lot of empty, unused spaces but oh well it’s not like it’s going to make any differences with the figma but seriously it’s going to hurt a bit on the shipping fee.

DSC_8175 (Copy)
DSC_8184 (Copy)

A clear look from every possible angle of the blister box, it’s nice to see the colors and the silver background with an elegant writings of “Miku Append” makes it so exclusive. Good Job on that Max Factory.

DSC_8177 (Copy)Detailed accessories out of the box, you can see everything is well placed there, and of course space consuming, but what the heck wide box feels exclusive right? so be it :3.

DSC_8185 (Copy) DSC_8186 (Copy)
DSC_8187 (Copy) DSC_8174 (Copy)

The stand are the clip version instead of a peg as usual, great, no more nasty hole on the back, love it. There’re quite amount of extra pairs of hands added too, so this probably a great buy in my book.

DSC_8191 (Copy)
DSC_8192 (Copy) DSC_8188 (Copy) DSC_8190 (Copy)

Not to forget we have a freebie this time, a nice little headset that comes with the Figma. Jakesons got the grey one, I wished, really wished mine would be the black one so it’ll fit my Sennheiser HD250 and probably detailed it just for the lulz. A really nifty feature of swiveling headphones, it’s an awesome feature, it’s little but somehow it excites me haha.

DSC_8172 (Copy)
DSC_8171 (Copy) DSC_8179 (Copy)
DSC_8180 (Copy) DSC_8181 (Copy)

A good (sort of) 360 look on the figure with details photo session. That’s a really neat line there figma, but the details are not pleasing to me, the red accent feels a little bit off, and some paints aren’t evenly applied. I hope it can only be seen on macro level, I need to get mine’s fast so I can inspect my own.

DSC_8193 (Copy)
DSC_8205 (Copy) DSC_8197 (Copy) DSC_8194 (Copy) DSC_8195 (Copy) DSC_8201 (Copy) DSC_8202 (Copy)

I love the semi-transparent hair, it looks smooth and clean, it’s definitely one of the best feature this Figma has apart of it’s pretty faceplate. Let’s have a look at the details.

DSC_8213 (Copy)
DSC_8214 (Copy) DSC_8216 (Copy) DSC_8219 (Copy) DSC_8233 (Copy) DSC_8220 (Copy)

Clearly Jakesons are having fun with the articulations, with all these poses haha. One of them seriously pushing it to the limit, and you should know which. The body can also be swapped with the one rippled(?) on the middle. Gotta say it’s sexy and alluring, and let you recreate her PVC pose which announced with her figma few months back.

DSC_8224 (Copy) DSC_8272 (Copy) DSC_8276 (Copy)

DSC_8260 (Copy)
DSC_8254 (Copy) DSC_8262 (Copy) DSC_8232 (Copy)
DSC_8256 (Copy)

When you’re done swapping the body you can recreate her PVC pose like I stated before :3.

DSC_8263 (Copy) DSC_8267 (Copy)

The headset are also fit to another (probably ANY) Figma who have a normal sized head (can’t imagine how King Kazma/Love Machine wears this).

DSC_8271 (Copy)Another faceplate which is similar to the previous release, Miku live stage. A closed eye, with a serene look on her face. I don’t know why they would release this one, it’s too similar to the previous one, but it gives a lot of people chance to get this faceplate since Live Stage version is a limited release.

DSC_8252 (Copy)
DSC_8239 (Copy) DSC_8247 (Copy)

The last faceplate, My most favorite faceplate out of them all, the adult/mature/beautiful(?) faceplate. It’s probably the best faceplate Max has given to us up to date. beautifully painted it gives Miku a different aura and it doesnt feel like the old cheery Miku and she turns into a beautiful mature lady who’s err… mature and beautiful :3

DSC_8280 (Copy)
DSC_8277 (Copy)

I conclude (by looking and not playing) that this Figma is a steal for it’s price. Just for the mature faceplate look only, I am biased I know but just look at that beautiful face, hands down, the best faceplate ever, period. The articulations is a given, the details are nice, quite nice. Sculpt are amazing and playability is quite high.

DSC_8282 (Copy)I think that’s all for today, it’s been a long day (since I’ve actually write this yesterday and finally able to complete it today) writing, I’d bid you a good night folks.
Signum over and out!