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First, let me thank all the participants and all the great judges that help me through this photocon.

All photos are scored through all the judges: (maximum 50 points per judges, total max point is 500)

1. divinelight CelestialGundam
2. signum Rqon-sama
3. j-strife / 13thReaper
4. lucky1girl
5. hallower Clockheart

6. doomnation
7. eraZer ProjectWagnum
8. xine ToyPusher
9. softwerkz Softwerkz
10. flawlessexa FlawlessPassion

And not further ado, here are the Winner and Runner-up


There’s No Way My Ero-Games Can Be Played This Peacefully by M Syaban Adriansyah

Total Score: 427/500

there s no way my ero games by figmania-d40tojh

Judges comments:
– This photo is overall very well taken. It really brings me into the Anime world. But one issue here, she doesn’t have the playing-ero-games look in her. I’d give more marks if a shy face is used (Jap girls are shy when comes to Ero).
– Good picture quality, the lighting is spot-on and there are no under-lit areas to be found. Artisctically, the colors really comes out making the aura of the picture. Good effort in creating the grassy base and the lil’ bit of details though.
– I love the quality of the photo, the bright colors and setting, well, I just love it, except for the new species of rafflesia besides her.. :3
– Beautiful in many ways.. Props, lighting, angle, idea, maaaannn.. This is NICE!!
– Damn nice bro~
– Nice job to make this scene possible, it’s great
– Love the setting! Pose & placements are great. I want to play my eroge peacefully too.


Help! by Marco A. G. Kanter

Total Score: 415/500

help by figmania-d40tyk8

Judges comments:
– Awesome! Blending nature with your photo, and her facial expression really fits well in this. Congratulations.
– Decent picture quality, quite a good idea of figure posing and placement. A great job overall.
– I couldn’t say much about this except the colors, but everything looks great!
– LOLed!! Seriously!! One of (if not THE) best idea, prop, angle, faceplate-choosing, and pose!
– You made me laugh, thanks 🙂
– Creative, and brave. I won’t use my figma like this >_<
– A great photo including the use of animals. Good choice of Figma.

Winner will be rewarded with a brand new Figma Rei Ayanami Plugsuit ver. and Figmania 1st winner special base, and Runner-up will be rewarded with a brand new Di:Stage and Figmania 2nd Winner Special Base




I’ll take photo of the base by updating this post later :p

And here are the other contestants, click the thumbnails for larger picture (to save bandwith)

Luka’s Concert Rehearsal by Charlie

Total score: 406

– Great use of props. Nice shot!
– Very sharp image quality and the background is left with a very nice pleasing blur (are you opening your f/stop all the way??). The focus on Luka is spot on, making the onlooker’s eyes focused on her and not confused.
– a nice picture, a unique set for the background and the clear focus is nice, but I recognize the same BG in “Dr.Lepper” as I know they’re brothers.. =3=’
– Luka.. Are you.. FLOATING??
– GREAT placement of figures
– Nice shoot and environment, emotions could be felt from this photo
– accessories are nicely used
– Just about perfect. Should bring the background into focus some more.

Two World with One Destiny by Billy

Total score : 404

– The photo has successfully protrayed the story line of Two World with One Destiny.
– Decent picture quality but a very well executed photo, the partition in the middle is perfect. The background also makes the difference, setting up the tone and the light conditions. Creative way of looking into the BRS phenomenon.
– I love this one, the idea, the light, the BG, the expressions, it seems simple, yet it show the concept pretty well, maybe you should try with a closed eyes BRS too :3
– I like this!! The idea is impressive, I like the way you create the background and the lighting.. Not to mention the angle and the faceplate you chose.. Nice one!!
– Excellent work, the photoquality is a bit rough, but the feeling captured beautifully
– One that I truly like, the scene, the arts, the originality, it’s really good.
– Love the creativity! The use of blue light really distincts the 2 sides.

Saturday Night In The Alley by Erro

Total score: 404

– Another awesome photo! Great Saturday night party!
– Great picture quality, sharp all the way! No one is left out of focus. The appropriate background and rich-colourful aura really creates the mood of the picture. A little bit more effort to conceal the only stand in the picture (Nagato’s) and I’l give a 10/10.
– This is cool! Everyone (& animals) with their own gesture & expression!
– Nicely done! The “hanging out together” feeling really came out!
– Pretty good 🙂 it captures the feeling
– Nicely made up, if Rin is positioned better, the whole photo will be better
– Really nice. But the title should maybe be changed to “Evening” instead of “Night”.

Nothing Beats Dr. Lepper by William

Total score: 403

– This looks great, as if she is enjoying the drink.. Though she look kinda drunk to me. LOL!
– Good picture quality, the reflection in the glass is spot-on! Creates an artistic feeling of simplicity. The focusing point is also good, leaving the figure a bit blurry and focused on to the name of the photo, which is Dr.Lepper.
– This also well executed, the BG, the perfect reflection, the pose and expression, and light just like seeing a life size kurisu, maybe should focus on her face a little more..
– Beautiful! I like the angle, nice job with the reflection! It looks like a scene from an actual anime!
– Love the dimension and framing bro~
– Good presentation, with window effect, might be better with more improvement with other elements
– I love how she holds the soda in reality but appears to drink it in the window reflection.

One of the “ingridients” by Purwanto

Total score: 397

– Great job in this! Gray photo is definitely suited well for spell topic.
– Great classic artistic shot of a model, only this time it’s a figurine. Good picture quality and the B/W only adds to the drama.
– the pose, and angle, etc, is cool… but I don’t really get the idea…kinda magically mysterious
– Is Nagato scratching her leg with her feet? I don’t think you should choose that pose if you can’t put her back completely on the wall.. And can’t comprehend the “ingredients” that the title mentioned
– Another, wow
– Perfect score for artistics, the presentation is very nice in this photo.
– Stunningly amazing. Nice use of B&W, great angle and interesting “ingredients”.

After The Battle by Cipta

Total score : 393

– I’d prefer if she looks larger (or is focused) in the photo to give me the sense of after battle. Probably the photo can be taken from a different angle. Experiments needed.
– Very good picture quality, sharp all way round. The placement of the figure is spot-on to the character. Artistically looks really simple but double in the meaning, would probably give you a 15/15 if it is in B/W.
– more like she’s going for a great journey..great picture anyway
– Can’t really tell the “after battle” theme.. Zooming and trying a different angle could bring the “samurai warrior standing beside a waterfall” epic scene better..
– Shoot a little closer, change the angle into portrait 🙂 I hope you’ll do better next time 😉
– Great snap, it blends with the whole scene
– Great photo! But it feels too still. Should add the feeling of wind and moving water in.


Total score: 392

– Great effort! It’ll be better if the the connector-stands (whatever you called it) are hidden.
– A very good image quality, the contrasting black to white really makes this picture stands out. The stands of the figures are the ones that makes this picture less perfect, it’s still pleasing to look at but with a little nuisance.
– the skulls and the broken table is awesome to express the feel, but BGS & DM pose could be more lively :3
– Nice angle, nice prop! DM’s right hand is a bit strange, tho.. Lack of reflex?
– I love the placement of the figures, and the skeletons rocks lol
– I could say this deserve near-perfect points. From photo, arts, originality, and creativity is great.
– The photo is nicely taken, but no, I hate the attitude. Poses need a tweak to be perfect.

Battle of BRS by Irwin

Total score: 391

– Like others, this photo will be very nice if the transparent holders are not showned to such obvious extend.
– Very high quality image and very good sharpness too. The lighting is also good creating a dark mood but leaving no area under-lit, the shadows is also just as perfect. However this picture of BGS+BRS has already done by many people and the lack of effort to conceal the stands and the whole picture only shows 2 girls fighting, nothing else.
– I just wish this one is animated, this one would be cool :3
– nice angle, lighting, and posing! The Idea is quite common, too..
– Nice technique and great lighting bro 🙂
– With better lighting, this will be much better in whole presentation, nice work
– Reminds me of my 1/8 Dead Master shoot with all that purple goodness. Great poses.

When A Figma Draw by Cherry

Total score: 389

– I love this idea! It’s awesome!
– A really good idea of a picture, but the image makes Konata’s skin very toylike due to the harsh hard light/flash. The light should’ve been bounced off or reduced n power to provide a pleasing skin tone look.
– cool idea, but in my mind, konata would make herself more to be a princes-look-a-like girl, her face show that she enjoy drawing herself :3
– Creativity point is high!! Nicely done, and the prop placement is good..
– Nice, it needs a little more work on the framing but it’s pretty much captures the feeling 😉
– While photo quality is not too good, the idea itself is very nice to make.
– Great picture! Just 1 problem, the use of flash makes the photo dark.

Apapun makanannya, minumnya… (Whatever the food, the drink is…) by Anki

Total score: 383

– I enjoy this story line and the photo.
– Good quality image, but a bit dark around the faces of the subjects. Maybe needs a very weak fill light?? Loved the way the props go together with the subjects’ movement and faces.
– what if yui is busy stealing mio’s cake to feel missing point, no, that would mess the whole idea >:3
– LOL this pic is really fun to see! The comical potential of the K-ON series figmas are in the right hands it seems.. He2. The idea and the way you make it is good! Nice props too!!
– Lol :3
– Great way to use the props, the lighting is kinda dark maybe due the backlight of the sun
– Don’t understand the title or what’s going on, but the poses feels very natural.

You’re mine… Forever mine by Philip

Total score: 369

– This is an awesome work!
– Decent quality image, for me the pose lacks originality because many people already done that pose of BRS+DM. The blurry face of DM is another downside of this picture. But in terms of creativity, I like your effort on the base.
– uUuu…her eyes should look her deeply than looking at the camera, and focus problem but the other is great! :3
– This one’s a good one! The pose and the scenes are artistic enough for me
– It’s good! a little too bright though
– The props and presentation is nicely made, it blends with the title
– for a moment there I thought it was H xD
– Nice idea for the background, but could have been done better. A bit blurry too.

Night View by Waeyu

Total score: 367

– Nice! But, I’m hoping to find something more from this.]
– Good picture quality under a very low light, the shadows looked nice and the bokeh balls is extremely round and pleasing. Artistically is also good, but lacks any kind of notable poses or any kind of thing that shows ‘night view’.
– nice sets, how romantic, stop singing duet, just kiss her already! \(OAO)/ Thats the view for you.. :3
– Beautifully captured! Nice angle.
– That’s a good vibe going there, nice job 🙂
– Great arts, if only the lighting could be improved, this can be very interesting piece of art
– I like how the legs are kind of hidden, but the “night view” itself isn’t all that pretty.

Angel’s Descend by Mouritz

Total score: 366

– Good try on this. But it’s a little too simple and bland.
– Good quality image and a very good use of the lighting. The hard glowing light really looks great on KOS-MOS and makes this an artistically good picture and pleasing to the eyes.
– nicely pose, good lighting, the white BG even push the idea to pop-out
– Wuogh.. Nice lighting!! Fits the theme really well, but can’t really tell that she’s “descending”… Maybe a lower angle can help bring that..
– Lol, that’s a real bright light but im sure it’s intended, love the posing but give it a little more space below, I feel it’s like ‘cutted’ a bit. Still nice tho
– Quite artistics, still over exposure, you need to learn how to dodge the bright light, it will be better without too much light
– Just missing some feathers…too much empty space, better cropped out.

The End of BGS by Freddy

Total score: 366

– The shot is clear. But, I’ve seen many of these on the net.
– Decent picture quality, good idea of the posing and placement of the figure. Can do a lot better with creative lighting to create a certain aura.
– hahaha, the BGS is really nice, the off point just BRS’s faceplate, that her angry face could be seen when you see her faceplate slightly from lower angle, from top, she’s smiling..
– Nice one!! I like the “kakatte koi!!” hand for BRS.. And the accessory.. Nice!
– BGS is a little cropped there, otherwise it’s nice 🙂
– creative way to use props, nicely done
– Interesting, never seen the fight went that way. Photo is a bit unsharp.

Super Ultra Great Onigiri by Felani

Total score: 362

– Clear photo. Good shot.
– Very good image quality, also shows a really sharp all-rounder picture. The prop usage is perfect and the way you pose the figure is also dynamic and doesn’t look stiff.
– this one is a nice and expresive photo, how makise open her mouth while she really focusing on the book, see how her eyes see the book with excitement, but..she focusing on the book not the onigiri T___T
– Could do better with the smiling faceplate to bring out the onigiri’s “greatness”… And the grass at the front is somehow a nuisance.. Makes the “miniatur scale” comes out..
– Nothing really stands out here, sadly Kurisu’s face doesn’t match the title 🙂
– It’s good, but it can be better actually. Even with the title, the props seem too big
– Great photo & pose, but the size of plants & tree feels a bit overwhelming to the Figma.

Clean up by Ferawati

Total score: 358

– I like the idea!
– Normal quality image, great effort on your bravery to take some of your figure in the water shows how creative you can be. Not artistically perfect, there are some blurry bits on the faces on the figures on top of the sink.
– what are those doala doing in there \(OAO!)/
– The idea is refreshing! -in more ways than one :D- NICE ONE!
– Hahah, this made me laugh :3
– Good idea, but the presentation is not quite right, it’s still quite messy
– No soapy water and cute girls bathing? 😦 You took the idea another way I see…

It’s TIME to bestowed judgement by the power of TIME by Stephen

Total score: 356

– Good effort in preparing the props.
– The picture quality somehow shows a vivid dark image portrayed around the figure, but some areas still needs to be well-lit to be more dramatic. The pose is alittle bit bland and unconvincing but I really loved your effort in creating the base.
– maybe she needs another object for her “judgement” 😦 nice papercraft & set though X3
– Wow! Sakuya!! Props are nicely done!! The idea is simple.. But.. WOW! Nicely done!
– Nice framing, though need a bit more work 🙂
– The idea is good, the props is well, only the pose need improvement to blend with the scene
– Theme needs to be pushed more with more time objects & battle pose. More light too.

Club Figmania by Wikan

Total score: 356

– Interesting setup. Good job!
– A normal figma+gathering type of picture, a lot of people already done that. This one lacks any kind of focus in the picture, it’ll be a good photo for journalist though. Great effort in doing the bar and all the props.
– love this one too, everyone really expres themselves, but I hope for koizumi whose mikuru point at, to show his hand to show no no no instead of clapping :3
– POLEDANCING SABER IS PRICELESS.. Nuff said… LOL. That’s what I wanted to say, but I’ll add some. I like the props and the way you place them.. Nice poses for the figmas too!
– Nice, the dimension is nice though placing need a bit work 🙂
– Nicely made, but the whole scene is too static, it could be more dynamics
– Missing the lights! Should step back & zoom in to make the Figmas more sizable.

Foto by Ferry

Total score: 354

– I like this one. It’s simple yet creative! Well done!
– Decent quality image, the light bouncing off from the right side of the background is really unpleasing to an onlooker’s eyes. The idea of Mato photographing BRS is very original but the execution is less than perfect, but still a reasonable picture to look at.
– try to show her face to make the picture live..and use more “fill” light, and it would be awesome :3
– I like the angle! The idea is simple but nicely done!
– It’s pretty rare to find this kind of photos but with some better angle, it could be really good.
– Good idea to make this scene, if only the photo quality and artistics is better, this could be a great work
– The flash brings out harsh shadows & imperfections of the poster.

Ritsu pulled a trick by Yusuf

Total score: 352

– The items in focused are too small. I’d have missed their facial expression if I’ve not looked closely.
– Good and sharp image even down to the pixels, great lighting on this one. The pose for both of the figure is good, but lacks any kind of artistic style in my opinion.
– Nice & funny! But need some cropping :3
– Wha? What trick? Are they playing hide-and-seek? Could’ve zoom more and get a better pic IMO..
– It’s a little bit too wide making it hard to know the focus of the photos, crop it a little bit next time and do some more experiment on the figure placement to match the theme 🙂
– Outdoor shooting always produce great lighting, nicely made
– Figma are too small, should zoom in or crop out empty space.

All Your Toys Are Belong To Us by Kelpinina

Total score: 348

– The photo is very nice. However, IMO, it seems to lack creativity. Is the sharp side of the blade supposed to face upwards (or towards her)?
– Decent quality image, but the high range of color and your way of arranging and putting the figure is great.
– nice photo, but the idea still can be pushed out with more posture 🙂
– US? BRS and her sword? Can’t quite get the idea, and the sword is held backwards for…?
– There’s just not enough toys 🙂
– Nice use of the toys, but BRS doesn’t stand out to make the scene “Belong to me” like in the title
– Not very amusing…her sword is held backwards by the way. & her head is too tilted.

Wealth and Prosperity by Doddy

Total score: 334

– It’s difficult to tell the photo is about prosperity without looking at the title.
– Very decent picture quality, the reflective bright spot on the left hand side is very annoying and decreasing the overall quality of the picture. Really like the way you use everyday objects as a prop, shows how creative you can be!
– nice used of accessories, but for me, the saber pict in Figmania fb group seems to be better in composition..
– Can’t somehow get the idea.. Are they like.. Pirates or something? What’s with the stuffed doll? Beautifully done, tho..
– Great concept, though the quality isnt really complying, but its still good
– Doesn’t blend well with all the scene, it’s quite good actually but doesn’t tell any story
– Only Dead Master fits the image. No real “main subject” in the photo.

Figma Gathering Picnic by Theodosius

Total score: 333

– The main focused figmas seem too bland (having the same sitting posture). Try giving them more dynamics will make the photo more interesting.
– A very stereotypical figma+gathering type of picture, the large amount of figure in the frame makes the picture loses its focus and making onlookers confused and get bored really quick.
– everyone say cheese~ nice gath pict! but I can’t really understand what are they doing just by seeing it..
– Mugi and Yutaka… Are they.. Breakdancing?? They’re at the center, they caught the most attention, even at a glimpse, but their poses are the wierdest.. I like the others, btw… Nice concept.
– Oh wow
– Not too original and doesn’t blend well with background, but how the photo is taken deserve a big points, nicely taken.
– Choice of characters doesn’t go together. Don’t attempt bad sitting down poses.

Houkago Cosplay Time by Michella

Total score: 333

– IMO, the background doesn’t blend well.
– Decent picture quality, the blur in the background doesn’t seems to be appropriate for the figures in the back. Even when you say Houkago, you clearly left out some of the member out of focus. Some of the headswap doesn’t look convincing and a little bit forced, making this one a bit unnatural.
– nice photo, and pretty lively, but maybe they should pose like in photo studio or something, it would looks better in my opinion :3
– Quite nice, but the focus.. Poor Mio & Yui.. T_T
– Nice concert but the focus isn’t quite right, sadly 🙂
– Great swaps, and it’s blend well with the scene
– Choice of cosplays don’t fit. Back row is unfocused, bring them closer + big # Aperture.

May I please have my weight back? by Edwin

Total score: 329

– I’ve a hard time associating the story with the photo. I don’t get to understand this. IMO, those who have no slightest idea of the Anime should be considered too.
– Decent quality image, love your effort in making the crab. Hence the high originality and creativity marks.
– nicely executed idea, but another angle could do more “drama” in this :3
– Wow! Nicely done! Nice prop, lighting, and angle considering the idea behind it that’s taken from the anime!
– The photo quality is a bit low but dude, that crab is awesome, and *almost* perfect lighting
– Nice concept, if combined with better presentation this will fetch better points
– A great idea but…poorly executed.

Late for morning train by Julius

Total score: 325

– Good job! I like this idea. However I find the whole photo too pinkish.
– Decent picture quality, the headswap doesn’t seems to be needed and the different facial expression of Luka with her body language doesn’t go together. Making the picture looked strange.
– Hey, I remember the red apple train! X3 I used to had one..simple nice set to show the gate, but luka…is definitely wrong choice of face.. =___=
– If Luka’s late, then why the hell is she smiling?? I think there’s another facplate that fits the title better.. The placement of the train and the sofa with another figmas on it is nicely done, tho..
– Damn that photo are nice, I love the diorama, though there’s a little bit of scale problem there on the bench where hita-mos is sitting 🙂
– Might be original, but the pose for Hitagi really need to be better, it will catch better meaning.
– she is quite happy missing the train I reckon 😀
– Poses are a bit awkward. Background is cluttered. The head swaps don’t go together.

Seifuku Vs. Shifuku by Indra

Total score: 321

– Good job in hiding the transparent holder!
– Average image quality, no clear focus on the whole picture. A normal battle scene among characters, none to be noted. This picture loses its focus in an instant making people confused what to looked at.
– BGS was killed…
– Feels kinda’ off to me placing BRS’ head on a K-ON body.. Oh well.. I like the way you make the battle scene!
– Good theme but the framing needs more work 🙂
– Nice idea, but it kinda messy with all the characters
– Doesn’t seem very amusing. Poses could be better and somewhat blurry.

Flying Kick by Robert

Total score: 320

– Ermm… I find it too common.
– Good picture quality, but shows nothing else than two KRs fighting it out. For me the background is a bit inappropriate and unconvincing for the subjects.
– it’s just…simple..
– They look like they’re slipping.. Ha2. The laptop background, if you change it to a caption of fighting game, it would bring out the “battle” element
– It’s supposed to be good, with some proper background.
– Photo is kinda blurry, and the props is not quite right in this situation.
– Laptop background, 2 random kicks…not all that creative.

Terik Matahari yg Menyilaukan (Shining Sunlight) by Agus

Total score: 319

– The sun didn’t shine from the front. Raising the right hand (that way) doesn’t depict the blinding/scorching sun.
– Very good picture quality, very sharp and nice background blur. The only problem is this one lacks any kind of focus other than the figure, even though the BG blur is nice it is a bit inappropriate because it should’ve been in focus. For me it just doesn’t suit the nametag of the picture.
– ~(*___*)~
– A bit too bright indeed, BRS.. Ha2.
– It’s nice 🙂 and bright 🙂
– You should clean her, and the pose need to be better to fully get the idea from the title
– No relation to the title, and dirty Figma…

Spiritual Garden by Hindarto

Total score: 314

– Photo is clear, managed to capture the story. But more effort and creativtiy would be needed to make it more interesting.
– Decent picture quality, a bit too bright for the skin tone to show any details. Stereotypical pose for a Miku, seen it a couple of times.
– the colors seems to be off on miku, but perfect on the environment, overall is good, maybe you’ll need a better angle to show the concept :3
– Didn’t quite get the title… The placement is good.. Though can be better… (is the panty-shot intended..? I think it kinda’ ruin the “beauty” theme.. -_-) In terms of originality… Well… I’ve seen quite a number of figmas and plant theme…
– Too bright at some places, the idea isn’t original enough, but the framing is fine
– Photo Quality is really good, I like the lightnings, yet the other area like originality, creativity, and even artistics is not quite right. Keep it up
– In terms of “Spiritual Garden”, some water or a fountain would have been nice.

With Our Combine Powers We Can by Kuma

Total score: 312

– It’s hard for me to justify and trying to link the story line with the photo.
– Good picture quality, great subject framing and great bokeh for the foreground. The pose for the 2 kamen rider seems a bit too stiff and looks unconvincing, can be seen clearly from Wing Knight’s legs.
– this is a good pict by quality, but simply empty background makes the concept seems to be off
– Ryukiiii.. What are you looking at?? Turn right!! Turn right!!! Ouja’s not there!!
– The scene is captured nicely but it’s too bright and giving it a plain feeling
– I like this quite much, especially Dragon’s pose, if just Wing Knight’s pose is better it will be much nicer.
– Ryuuki is posed fine but what is with Knight’s? Big # Aperture & bring Ouja more to focus.

Dancing at The Backyard by Wahyu

Total score: 307

– The photo looks good. However, there is no dynamism in it.
– Decent quality image, a bit too overexposed making the subject loses its details. The arms looked very bright and doesn’t looked right anymore. Normal pose with no distinguishing factor.
– it reminds me with my backyard..the pose is lively, the expression is great, the perspective looks ok, and the light is divine! well..maybe too “divine”..
– The background and Luka’s pose are beautiful, nicely captured, but it’s a bit too bright, and it’s quite hard to differ luka’s hands between the grass.. Next time you could use something to reduce the amount of sunlight that hits Luka..
– It’s a little too bright, and shooting it from tad below showing more of the sky would be a great angle choice 🙂
– Great persentation, I like how this photo could catch the arts so well.
– too bad the glare ruined the pic as I can barely see her hands and arm
– Brightness would have been good is used properly. Pose should be more dance-like.

When Maya Clashed With JTC by Dimas

Total score: 306

– I don’t understand this but points are given for the clarity of the photo.
– Great foreground and Siren’s lovely details captured perfectly. The pose and the whole picture’s meaning doesn’t come through and seems to lack emotion. The 2 figures seems to be doing their own moves and don’t connect with each other at all.
– actually, this is a good photo just like the “power combine”, the angle seems ok, the empty “object” makes the concept off again…do they arguing when facing the same enemy? Or do they seek to join reinforcement? Or they just get the same bonus card from a food product? =___=’
– I like the angle and the placement of the figmas…
– Good Depth but the angle could be better, should’ve been from back to back instead of across each other.
– Pose for Siren is really good one, but the whole scene doesn’t quite make the story, might need better camera angle.
– I like the wings & how the stand is hidden. Bring Ouja more to focus with big # Aperture.

Never Ending Sunset Tea by Immanuel

Total score: 306

– Good effort put in. It’d be better if more creativity juices are put in.
– Stereotypical figma+gathering type of picture, lacks any kind of punch that shows an artistic finesse touch to the picture. Aya’s face looked out of place though.
– once again.., the angle is good, but pose needs some improvement, don’t forget to use the eyes direction to make interaction
– WHATT??? Why does that garden keep haunting meeeee!!!??? EHEM!! Hmm.. Azusa is standing on the table playing her guitar.. Is she drunk? And.. Is it sunset? Really? Nice prop tho.. (lack of TEA in the tea break is.. Well.. Meh..)
– It is an original scene indeed, but next time take the character’s REAL behavior into consideration cause I can’t make anything out of that chaos haha.
– Photo quality is great, artistics is good too, not too original, but how the scene is capture is quite creative.
– The background fits, but the window glare…+ need more orange for the sunset feel!

Back to Back by Kosa

Total score: 305

– Army of Two? I can’t seem to tell they are back-to-back.
– Good picture quality, but lacks an appropriate focus on the subject. In this one both of the subjects looked out of focus and not that pleasing. Even though the background blur is really nice. The poses for this one is dynamic and shows a lot of promise, even though it is not a 100% back to back.
– the focus & composition loose the point 😦
– Back-to-back? Really? More like arm-to-arm to me… Especially when your focus is on the arm and not on the face.. You can try a bigger aperture and get both of them tho…
– Framing is off, focus is off dude, better luck next time 🙂 try using bigger aperture points on the next photos 😉
– I guess the focus is mistaken, it should be focusing the two characters, at least on their face
– try adjusting the focus as both are blurred
– Not only are they not back to back, but it’s blurry and the poses arn’t very good.

Monster Hunter: LEN by Yuna

Total score: 286

– Idea is good but needs more effort. That is a T-Rex? It’s hard to justify. Looks like a lamp to me at first glance.
– Average image quality, the lack of emotion shown makes the photo a little bit hard to be interpreted by a bystander. No any kind of way to hide the stand, and there are no clear focus point of the picture.
– nice used of depth to make the monster, but too much gap in blur effect.. I prefer high angle shot, Len on top a tree while looking down at the lurking monster above the ground in the forest (the monster could be small in real size) :3 ok, don’t stare me like that, I don’t even could make such a great pict yet X3
– Is that a monster? Can’t tell.. -_- And it looks like Len’s looking at the paper and not the “monster”
– Love how you crop the picture giving it widescreen look 🙂
– Good idea, if only the background is better it will be nicer
– Background poorly covered with paper. Too much noise in the photo. Monster too blurry.

Itadakimasu by Aroli

Total score: 279

– A suggestion of putting more action in the figma will brighten this photo more.
– Artistically, anything can go with food and it would never go wrong, but in this one the figure doesn’t show any kind of look that makes it react to the food. Azunyan’s subtle smile and lack of body dynamics makes this picture plain and don’t do the food any justice.
– this one is funny, but Azusa needs a fork & knife/spoon for her pose to make it easy to grasp the concept
– Wow! Can she eat all that!?? LOL. Nice one, but the background seems a bit off..
– Change the angle of the photos and fix your framing, it’ll be better and being in the center isn’t always the best idea of being the center of attention 🙂
– Not too original, the artistics need better lighting, maybe even white balance could score more points.
– I take these kinds of photos sometimes myself. Nothing really special.

Where is the other cat? by Indra

Total score: 247

– Her expression matches the story line very well. It’d be better if the photo is clearer/sharper.
– Below average picture quality, the flash/lighting and the photographer’s silhoutte are noticeable in the background. The pose doesn’t seem to show any difference with Aya’s stock photo.
– the light is…well..night light..
– I think you can try giving the pic a background using something better than the reflection of your head..
– Herp
– The faceplate needs a better one to fully blend with the scene, the cats are good in blend with the whole scene.
– the light on the background in a way ruined the shot
– Simply put, there is no real idea or theme in the photo.

Morning Breeze by Ignatius

Total score: 219

– I’ve difficulty linking this with the story line.
– Decent picture quality, the background bokeh looks perfect and pleasing. Artistically, the noise present in the picture makes it looks like it was taken with a vintage camera. However the figure looking the background without any kind of distinguishing factor makes it look too vibrant.
– I’m sure this idea could be executed far more better…but I like the lonely feels in the morning
– What the..!?? Deja-Vu??? I think’ I’ve seen the garden somewhere.. Oh well.. Hmm.. Morning breeze? Through a glass window? Should’ve tried a better placement for the figma.. Or a more suitable title.. Or.. Meh..
– Derp
– The concept might be interesting but it needs better way to fully blend with the whole scene.
– where is the breeze?
– I sure don’t see any relation to any breeze.

All right, that’s all the contestants. Thanks for your all efforts and see you all in next event 😀